The College of Arts & Sciences is the beating heart of SHU.

Our biggest college and home to the widest array of programs, it’s also the source of the career-focused liberal arts foundation that drives academics at SHU. From accounting and anthropology to theology and theater arts—and everything in between—the College of Arts & Sciences will help you see and forge connections between your values and your ambition, and between you and the world.

In addition to over 50 majors and programs, the College of Arts & Sciences houses the School of Communication, Media & the Arts and the School of Social Work. 

The overarching goals of SHU’s College of Arts and Sciences are:

  • The development of skills in reading, writing, and oral communication; critical thinking; and, quantitative and scientific reasoning.
  • The cultivation of intellectual inquiry, lifelong learning, and civic engagement, especially as relates to social justice and the common good.
  • An appreciation of the value of the liberal arts and Catholic Intellectual Traditions, especially to foster multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches to addressing contemporary problems.
  • The preparation of strong leaders and contributors to the local, national, and global communities.

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