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Dear Parents

Mucerino Family sitting with Big Red

The first time we stepped onto the Sacred Heart University campus, we knew it was a special place. We were visiting colleges with our daughter, Caitlin, and right away SHU struck us as student-friendly and family-oriented. Every member of the faculty and administration seemed truly interested in the needs of the students, and it was this real sense of family and community that convinced Caitlin that SHU was for her. Once she made that decision, she never looked back.

As a parent, sending your child away to college can be a nerve-wracking experience. You place them into the hands of others and rely on the school to support their well-being. But after getting to know Sacred Heart, our fears were relieved. We recognized SHU's inclusive and community-focused environment as a second home where Caitlin could thrive. SHU has fully encouraged Caitlin on her education journey, helped her find the right career path, and set the course for her future.

We are so grateful for everything SHU has done to support our daughter, and that's one of the reason's why we decided to give back the University. By establishing an endowed scholarship here at Sacred Heart, we could give another child the opportunity to gain the SHU experience. Additionally, we wanted to be a part of Caitlin's education and help her maximize her time at school. As Parent Council members, and as Chairs we can provide SHU with a parent's perspective and help enhance the quality of the student experience, for both our daughter and for future generations.

Our time on the Parent Council has been very positive and incredibly rewarding. By serving as parent ambassadors, we are actively engaged in the Sacred Heart community and exchange ideas and feedback with the administration -- it's clear that SHU is invested in both students and the views of their parents. The Parent Council has given us the perfect opportunity to give back by donating our time and financial resources, so that we can share in our daughter's experience and help her make the most of her years at Sacred Heart.

Without the involvement and generosity of parents, Sacred Heart would not be able to provide our children with such an enriching and nurturing student experience. It's our responsibility to ensure that they achieve at their highest levels and mature into strong and capable young adults. By becoming an active participant in your child's college education, you can sustain an environment that supports their growth and development. You have the opportunity to make a difference.

As a member of the SHU family, you can help your child receive a life-changing experience. Please consider making a gift to Sacred Heart University today! By donating to the Fund for Excellence, you can support student scholarships, community service, or the area of greatest need. Every gift, no matter what the amount, makes a difference for current and future SHU students.

There's no doubt in our minds that Sacred Heart is a special place, and it wouldn't be SHU without you. As SHU parents, let's lead by example and show our support for this incredible University that our children call home.

Ralph/Margaret Signature
Ralph and Margaret Mucerino P'19
Parent Council Chairs

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