Student Accident & Sickness Insurance Plan Information

Enrollment in the Sacred Heart University Student Health Insurance is mandatory for all Full-Time Undergraduate Students. 

You may waive out of the Student Health Insurance and the related fee if you have proof of comparable health insurance coverage beginning May 15, 2018 for academic year Fall 2018.

To request waiver of the Sacred Heart University Student Health Insurance, or, if you would like additional information, visit our website.

At Student Health Services, we do not bill insurance for visits. All full-time undergraduate students are seen free of charge, and part-time and graduate students are seen for a small fee. We do, however, need to collect your insurance information in case we need to send out labs. The lab will bill your insurance company. Students are responsible for keeping their health insurance information current. This can be done on the Student Health portal.

Please be aware, any time you are seen at an outside medical facility, for instance if you are referred by us to a specialist, your insurance will be billed. Please check with your insurance carrier FIRST about the fees you may incur as a result. This is especially important for students who have out-of-state insurance.