Before attending Sacred Heart University, every new student must complete and submit necessary medical paperwork to ensure a healthy experience. The University requires your Healthcare Provider to complete health forms to comply with Connecticut State Law regarding student immunizations. Attending to these forms is your responsibility. If this information is not up to date in the health services data bank, you will be blocked from future registration and you will be restricted from entry into University Housing.


  • TB Symptoms Questionnaire
    Only for students who have positive TB screening tests. You will be notified if you are required to fill out this form.

Student Athletes

The New Student Health Form is required for all new students and is separate from the Division 1 forms or Club Sports forms that are required by the Athletics Department. All new students must submit the New Student Health Form to Student Health Services as required by the State of Connecticut.

Academic Programs that use CastleBranch for Health Forms & Compliance

Certain programs require their own health forms through a company called CastleBranch -- Undergraduate Program: Nursing; Graduate Programs: Athletic Training, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant & Speech-Language Pathology. Other programs may use CastleBranch as well; Your program will notify you if you are required to submit forms to CastleBranch. This does not exempt you from submitting health forms to Student Health Services as required by the State of Connecticut.