Outreach and prevention work is an important part of what the Counseling Center offers to the university community.  Workshops are offered by s.w.e.e.t. peer educators on topics such as stress management, healthy relationships, bystander intervention and freshman transitions.

Kathleen Healy, our registered dietitian/counselor also provides workshops like “Tweak what you eat”.  The goal of this program is not only nutrition education with the college student in mind, but also to help students achieve their goals for better eating, whether it be weight-focused, getting the right information or just getting back on track.

Janice Kessler, our alcohol and other drug prevention specialist, presents workshops on social norming and harm reduction related to alcohol use.

Any RA, faculty or staff, coach, club e-board or advisor can feel free to contact us to schedule a presentation. 

If you interested in a workshop, contact Cheryl Carlson at to schedule or request a specific topic.