Forever Pioneers

Who are the Forever Pioneers?

‌The Forever Pioneers are a group of SHU students that work to promote a philanthropic spirit across campus. They create the tradition of annual giving amongst students by executing yearly student giving campaigns that focus on educating and soliciting current Sacred Heart students on the importance of giving back to SHU. Forever Pioneers takes pride in its goal of helping students create a legacy that lasts past their time at SHU.

Forever Pioneers challenge you to support the future of SHU.

Why Should I Give?

Sacred Heart supports its students by helping them achieve their lifelong dreams after graduation. 

Gifts from students, alumni, parents, faculty and staff help the University by providing students with endless opportunities. Think about it- your favorite professor might not be here if it weren't for private gifts, your best friend might also not be here if it wasn't for the scholarship he/she receives, and even the clubs and sports that you enjoy might cease to exist.

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