Accessing Your Student Account Online

Terms and Conditions of Accessing your Students Account Online Financial Services

Please read the following terms and conditions, then click the link at the bottom of this page to accept; then access the Students Accounts Online Financial Services website.

Promissory Agreement
For value received, the Registered Student promises to pay to the order of Sacred Heart University all tuition and fees stated in the conditions of your registration agreement and if applicable the housing, meal plan and fees, hereafter called the principal.  In the event a payment is received later than the due date a late fee will be assessed at the rate of .75% per month on the unpaid balance (annual rate 9% per year). Should any outstanding balance be referred to a credit or collection agency for collection, the signer of this note acknowledges that this may affect signers’ credit rating.  Should suit be brought to recover this note, or should the same be placed in the hands of an attorney for collection, the maker(s) of this note promise to pay holder's attorney fee, an amount equal to 15% of the principal amount owing herein but in no event less than $50 in addition to the amount found owing herein. In addition the University will not release grades, transcripts, diplomas, employer verification or allow a student to register for subsequent terms with a delinquent balance.

By acknowledging below, the applicant hereby certifies that this Agreement was entered into and executed in the State of Connecticut.

The University reserves the right to:

  • Request all delinquent payments be made in the form of a bank check, certified check or money order. 
  • Cancel classes (current and subsequent semesters) if accounts are not paid in compliance with Sacred Heart University payment and/or registration polices.
  • Withhold the release of grades, transcripts, education verifications, diplomas or restrict a student from registration for subsequent terms/courses with a delinquent balance.

Important Payment Plan Information and Agreement Terms

  • Sacred Heart University reserves the right to impose a late fee of .75% per month on any balance for payments made after the scheduled due date (9% per year). 
  • Financial assistance and student loans are considered methods of payment. Should any financial assistance awards or loan amounts change, the resulting balances are the student's responsibility.  Note:  The award of Federal Work Study is not a form of payment directly applied toward the student account balance.
  • The University may elect not to have online financial services available during specific times.
  • All payments will be posted to the student's account balance upon submission.  Bank confirmation of the payment may take 24 or more business hours to process with the bank account used.  
  • All payment plan fees are non-refundable and will be automatically charged to your student account upon enrollment.
  • “Make a Payment” is a Single Payment Only.  Enrollment in a payment plan is a separate transaction.
  • When you enroll in an online payment plan your payments are automatically debited from your "saved payment method."
  • Payment plans may be canceled at the discretion of Sacred Heart University.  Any charges/fees paid to date will not be refunded.
  • Sacred Heart University reserves the right to cancel your payment plan if you default in your agreement.
  • Payment plans can be set up on a per semester basis only.  
  • Installment Monthly Payment Plan participants:  The amount of the payment plan will be automatically adjusted for additional charges and/or credits to your account.  You will be notified of the scheduled payment amount. Contact Student Accounts at (203) 371-7925 to address conflicts.
  • If you elect to cancel your scheduled payment, this will result in an automatic cancellation of your payment plan.


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