SHU Dollars Pre-Semester Request

If you wish to be BILLED for your purchase of SHU Dollars, you must read and agree to the following:
  • You must be a currently registered Sacred Heart University student and have an active Sacred Heart University ID card
  • The deadline for Fall 2018 billable SHU Dollar purchases is August 22, 2018
  • Limit: request not to exceed $1,000
  • In order to be eligible, your account must be paid to date in compliance with University Policy and have a credit or an estimated credit available.
  • I understand my Fall 2018 SHU$ will by activated by August 26, 2018. 
  • I authorize Sacred Heart University to bill my Sacred Heart Tuition account and use all or part of any Credit Balance (including Federal Title IV Funds) to bill the designated amount requested to my Student Account and credit my SHU Card (general fund). 
  • Submission of this form confirms that I understand and accept the following terms:
    • In the event a payment is not received, a late charge will be assessed at the rate of .75% per month on the unpaid balance (annual rate of 9%), such charge to be computed from the due date.
    • Should any outstanding balance be referred to a collection agency for collection, the signer of this note acknowledges that this may affect signer’s credit rating. 
    • Should suit be brought to recover any outstanding balance, or should the same be placed in the hands of an attorney for collection, the undersigned promises to pay an amount equal to 15% of the principal amount owing herein but in no event less than $50 in addition to the amount found owing herein for attorney fees.  
  • I also authorize Sacred Heart University to hold any available credit balance (including Title IV funding) on my student account not to exceed the amount requested. I understand any credit amount held will not earn interest. 
  • Refunds for SHU Dollar balances cannot be processed until separation from the University. Refund request must be made in writing at the time of separation from the University. I understand failure to request a refund within 30 days of separation from Sacred Heart University will result in a forfeit of my SHU dollar balance in accordance with University Policy. 
  • University reserves the right not to process this request.
  • You will be notified by Sacred Heart University e-mail the status of your request. 

Click here to submit your request for Fall 2018 SHU Dollars

For additional assistance, visit Student Accounts in the lower level of the Science Wing, Main Academic Building or
 call us at (203) 371-7925