Students must be enrolled in a payment plan, paid in full and/or covered by to attend a semester. If accounts are not paid to date, classes are subject to cancellation on a date determined by the University. The following are the options Sacred Heart University offers to St. Vincent's College at Sacred Heart University students.

St. Vincent's College at Sacred Heart University Students not enrolled in a payment plan must pay their account in full by:

  • Fall semester: payment in full is due August 20
  • Spring semester: payment in full is due January 1
  • Winter & Spring Intensives: payment is due at registration
  • Late Spring and Summer 1: payment in full is due April 22
  • Summer 2: payment in full is due June 1
  • After due date: payment is due at the time of registration. When payment is not received by the due date, a late fee will be assessed at the rate of .75% per month on the unpaid balance (annual rate of 9%), such charge to be computed from the due date.

Option 1: Online Pay in Full

  • To review your account activity, make a one-time payment or enroll in the installment payment plan using a checking/savings bank account or credit card: 
  • International Students, review your payment options

Option 2: Check or Cash Pay in Full

If no payment plan (see details below) is elected, a bill will be issued for full payment. Billing statements are issued monthly online. Paper statements are available by request only.  

  • Accounts can be paid via mail by check only. Mail payments to Sacred Heart University, Attn: Office of the Cashier, 5151 Park Avenue, Fairfield, CT 06825.
  • Cash payments can be made in person at the Fairfield campus Cashier’s Office.

If you are not enrolled in a payment plan or paid in full by the due date per the pay in full schedule above, a late fee will be assessed at the rate of .75% per month on the unpaid balance (annual rate of 9%), such charge to be computed from the due date.

Option 3: Monthly Online Installment Payment Plan

The Monthly Online Installment Payment Plan schedules an automatic electronic transfer of funds from your checking/savings (USD) account directly to Sacred Heart University. 

  • All prior terms must be paid in full to enroll
  • Monthly Payment Plans are administered by Sacred Heart University.

  • Payment Plan Payment amounts are determined by the semester's outstanding balance 24 hours before scheduled payment plan payment net of approved and scheduled Financial Aid awarded funding

  • Enrollment benefits:
    • More time to pay your semester's balance by deferment of payments
    • Avoid interest
    • Scheduled auto-pay payments allows for automatic payment to be deducted from your bank account (ACH checking/savings), ensuring all payment due dates are met
    • Estimated Financial Aid funding is taken into consideration to reduce outstanding balance

  • Monthly Payment Plans are NOT available for Late Spring and Summer.

  • To enroll, 
  • $250 Minimum payment plan amount required

  • If you are not enrolled in a payment plan or paid in full by the due date, a late fee will be assessed at the rate of .75% per month on the unpaid balance (annual rate of 9%), such charge to be computed from the due date.

Spring 2019 Payment Plan Schedule:

Enrollment Dates

Number of Payments

Payment Due Dates

November 20 – November 29, 2018

5 payments


November 30 - December 30, 2018

1st payment due at time of enrollment 
4 scheduled payments


December 31, 2018 – January 30, 2019

Total of 1st and 2nd payment due at time of enrollment
3 scheduled payments


Payment Plan enrollment closes January 30, 2019 for the Spring 2019 semester  

  • Payment Plan Adjustments: Adjustments will be updated automatically, notifications will be emailed monthly, approximately 48 hours prior to payment due date.

  • Limits to Payment Plan EnrollmentOnly one payment plan is permitted per student, per semester. Installment Payment Plans are only offered for the Fall and Spring semesters. Amount of plan must be equal to or greater than $250.

  • Fees: The Payment Plan processing fee is $65 per semester. There are no fees for payments made via checking/savings bank account. (USD)

  • Late Enrollment: When enrolling into the plan after the first payment due date (07/01/2018), the missed payment(s) will be required to be paid upon enrollment.
  • Payment Options: Payments are automatically debited from checking or savings bank account only.

  • Financial Aid: Students receiving financial aid are responsible for paying the portion not covered by pre-credited aid according to the payment plan elected. The plan's scheduled payments will adjust according to changes to financial aid resources.

  • Late Fees: If you are not enrolled in a payment plan or paid in full by the pay in full due date, a late fee will be assessed at the rate of .75% per month on the unpaid balance (annual rate of 9%), such charge to be computed from the due date.

  • Winter, Late Spring, Summer 1 & Summer 2 Sessions: There are no monthly payment plans available for these intensive sessions. All prior terms must be paid in full in order to enroll in the payment plan.

  • Scheduled Payments: If you elect to cancel your scheduled payment, this will result in an automatic cancellation of your payment plan.

  • Failed Payments: If your Monthly Online Installment Payment Plan payment fails or is not received in compliance with the payment plan due date, the agreement will be canceled. The University reserves the right to prohibit participation in this payment option due to failed payments.

Option 4: Employer Reimbursement/Guaranteed Payment Plan Program (GPP)

This plan is available only to Part-Time students who are eligible for employer tuition reimbursement. This plan allows Part-Time students to register for the current semester while deferring tuition payment until the payment date designated for the semester. The participant is required to make payment to Sacred Heart University by the due date on the Guaranteed Payment Plan form.  

  • Students must submit a signed letter on company letterhead from their employer validating their tuition reimbursement policy and the student’s eligibility is required in order to participate in this plan.
  • A Guaranteed Payment Plan Fee of $80 is assessed once per semester. 
  • Students must submit payment in accordance with the GPP form due date(s).
  • A $90 late fee will be charge if payment is received after the designated due date on the schedule listed on the GPP form. 
  • University reserves the right to refuse acceptance of future Guaranteed Payment Plan for participation.


  • Return completed GPP form to Student Accounts with your Employer tuition reimbursement policy/eligibility letter
  • Student Accounts will email a payment reminder prior to the due date
  • Student Accounts will mail a detailed statement to the address on file with the designated due date
  • It is the student responsibility to submit payment by the due date per the submitted GPP form.
  • It is the student responsibility to maintain a current mailing address with the University Registrar’s Office

GPP Payment Options:

  • Mail check to: Sacred Heart University, Attn: Office of the Cashier 5151 Park Avenue Fairfield, CT 06825
  • Make a payment by cash, check or credit card at the Fairfield Campus - Cashier Office SC Lower Level, Academic Building
  • Accepted online payment methods: checking, savings, or credit card.

The University may elect not to have online financial services available during specific times. 

 Access Student Account Online Financial Services