2015/2016 Student Parking Information

Student Parking Information

  • All vehicles are required to have SHU parking decals affixed to their car to park on campus property.

  • All visitors must be authorized by Public Safety.

  • All requests for Student Parking Decals are made online
    • Information needed to complete request online:
      • Sacred Heart University network ID & password
      • Vehicle information
      • Connecticut address for commuting students
    • Information required to pick-up decal:
      • Sacred Heart University ID Card
      • Motor Vehicle Registration
    • Important notes regarding the parking registration website:
      • Students will only be able to enter a request once
      • Students will receive confirmation via email of receipt of request
      • Best internet browsers are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox (Safari is not compatible)

  • Only 1 decal per student

  • Freshmen resident students are not permitted to have cars on campus

Decal Cost

  • Commuters: $30

  • Resident Students: limited space available
    • $250 at residence hall
    • $30 at overflow lot

  • The Student Accounts Office will bill the decal fee to the student's account

  • Replacement decal: $20
    • If the originally issued decal can not be returned for exchange, there will be a cost of $20 due at time of request for replacement (i.e. new car)

Parking Rules

  • All students must adhere to posted signs regarding parking regulations, inclusive of handicap permitted parking, fire lanes, reserved parking, etc.

  • Commuter decals allow the student to park in non-resident student parking lots (no overnight parking is allowed)

  • Resident students: Review the rules specific to each residential decal

  • Failure to purchase a decal may result in parking violations to include ticketing, boot and/or tow.
    • Student Accounts will issue billing statements on a monthly basis for violations

  • Vehicles without a current decal are subject to a plate search to identify the car's owner which will result in a non-refundable administrative surcharge of $50

Parking Violation Appeal Process

  • Review formal appeal procedure

  • Appeals must be submitted to the Student Account Office within 10 days of the violation date