Meal Plans


Residential students will be assigned the following plans:

  • All students living in Seton, Roncalli, and Merton halls will be assigned the Big Red Plan.
    (Sophomores living in Roncalli can request the Pioneer Plan by contacting Student Accounts 203-371-7925 or visit the office: Main Academic Building, SC100)

  • All students living in Christian Witness Commons, Pioneer Gardens, Oakwood and Scholars Commons will be assigned the Pioneer Plan.

  • All students living in Park Ridge and Taft Commons will be assigned the Red and White Plan.

  • Your assigned meal plan will apply to both the Fall and Spring semesters. You may carry a maximum of 300 declining dollar points from Fall to Spring semester. At the end of the Spring semester the plan will terminate and any remaining points will be forfeited.

Commuter students:

  • All Commuter meal plans are available for purchase at the Student Accounts Office, SC100. 

  • Commuter meal plans can be added for the Fall Semester until September 6th and during the Spring Semester until January 31st. After the designated dates students can purchase SHU Dollars online or on campus.

University Official Meal Plan withdrawal/refund policy:

  • 100% Before start of semester
  • 80% Before start of 2nd week 
  • 60% Before start of 3rd week
  • 40% Before start of 4th week 
  • 20% Before start of 5th week 
  • 0% After 5th week

Resident Meal Plans - as assigned by residence hall (as noted above):

  • Executive Premium Plan - $2,520 per semester = unlimited swipes
  • Big Red - $2,120 per semester = 125 meal plan swipes and $825 declining dollars
  • Pioneer Plan - $1,600 per semester = 60 meal plan swipes and $900 declining dollars
  • Red and White - $945 per semester = $945 declining dollars

Commuter Meal Plans - may select a Resident Meal Plan Option, or, visit the Student Accounts Office to purchase one of the following:

  • 90 Value Plan - $850 per semester = 90 meal plan swipes and $75 declining dollars
  • 45 Value Plan - $450 per semester = 45 meal plan swipes and 45 declining dollars
  • 20 Value Plan - $185 per semester = 20 meal plan swipes
  • 10 Value Plan - $90 per semester = 10 meal plan swipes

For more information regarding our Meal Plan and Dining services, visit our DineOnCampus website.