IRS 1098 - T Educational Form

What is an IRS tax form 1098-T ?

Per IRS: Eligible educational institutions file Form 1098-T for each student they enroll and for whom a reportable transaction is made. Insurers file this form for each individual to whom they made reimbursements or refunds of qualified tuition and related expenses.

Visit the IRS reference page for more information.

How does Sacred Heart University issue this form?

Annually, during November/December, the Office of Student Accounts will issue 2 notifications related to production of the 1098-T form:

(1) Requests to students for whom the University does not have a tax filer ID (Social Security Number) on University record.  A W9S form will be required to be submitted to the Office of the Registrar to secure records are promptly updated.

(2) Students are notified of the opportunity to enroll in the electronic 1098-T forms with ECSI, deadline is January 1.

Forms will be generated for registered students for the applicable calendar year.  All forms are issued by January 31, annually.

When is the 1098-T issued?

All forms will be issued by January 31. Two options for delivery; by mail to address on University record or opt-in for the electronic version by January 1.

What information is on the tax form 1098-T?

Tuition Payment/Billing Information for the Tax/Calendar Year in accordance with IRS regulations

Payments (Box 1) versus Tuition (Box 2)?

For calendar years 2017 & prior, Sacred Heart University completed Box 2.  Box 2 is the total of qualifying tuition and fees

Per IRS regulations: Effective with the 2018 calendar/tax year, Box 2 is no longer available; Box 1 will be reported.  Box 1 is the total of payments received for the calendar year's qualifying tuition and fees.  Learn more about the IRS definition of qualifying tuition and fees.

Trouble accessing your 1098-T online?

Sacred Heart University utilizes ECSI to present and mail the 1098-T form. For support with the online access of your 1098-T, contact ECSI at 866-428-1098 or visit them online

Other questions?

Call the Office of Student Accounts at 203-371-7925.