Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the Sacred Heart University Office of Student Accounts website: www.sacredheart.edu/studentaccounts , click on the "Access Your Student Account" box, follow prompts to log in to view your Student Account Activity.

You can make payments online on the Student Accounts website.  Review your Payment Options by Program for more details.

Yes, payment plans are available, plan details are provided by program. Please review your program's payment options.

The amount of the plan is automatically determined on the payment due date per the balance due.

There are no monthly payment plans available during Intensive Semesters (Winter, Summer 2).

Please review your payment options per your academic program.

View the payment schedule for Full-time Undergraduate students.

Part-time Undergraduate and Graduate students:  payment schedule

Flat-Rate/Full-time Graduate students: payment schedule

On-line program students: payment schedule

Go to the Meal Plan Online Enrollment website.

All Full-Time Undergraduate students are required to have health insurance. Students will be automatically enrolled in the University Health Insurance Program. Students with proof of comparable health insurance coverage within the State of Connecticut may waive enrollment. 

Visit www.gallagherstudent.com/SHU to waive. Be sure to save a copy of your waiver/enrollment confirmation.

University Health Insurance Program

You must waive out of Student Health Insurance by the end of the add/drop course period of Fall semester; approximately September 5, annually.

For transfer students who start in the Spring semester, the waiver deadline is approximately one month after class start; approximately February 16.

Review our website for details on the enrollment/waiver process and specific year deadline. Failure to submit waiver during the specified period will result in enrollment and billing of the University health plan.

We accept cash and check payments in person at our Cashier Office and check payment by mail.

Our mailing address is:

Sacred Heart University
Attn: Office of the Cashier
5151 Park Avenue
Fairfield, CT 06825

Our office location is:

Main Academic Building - Science Wing, lower level
Sacred Heart University
5151 Park Avenue
Fairfield, CT 06825

  • Billing Statements are uploaded to your online student account on a monthly basis.

    • You will find available statements in the "Your Bills" box on your online account. 
  • You may review your account activity (Your Account box) at any time, the details found here are updated daily.

Your account must be paid to register for subsequent semesters, request a transcript, employer educational verification and or a diploma.

A late charge will be accessed at .75% per month on the past due balance (annual rate 9%).

For loan/scholarship options, contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance:  

  • Telephone: 203-371-7980

For value received, the Registered Student promises to pay to the order of Sacred Heart University all tuition and fees stated in the conditions of your registration agreement and if applicable the housing, meal plan and fees, hereafter called the principal. In the event a payment is received later than the due date, your payment plan is subject to cancellation. Should any outstanding balance be referred to a credit or collection agency for collection, the signer of this note acknowledges that this may affect signers credit rating. Should suit be brought to recover this note, or should the same be placed in the hands of an attorney for collection, the maker(s) of this note promise to pay holder's attorney fee, an amount equal to 15% of the principal amount owing hereon but in no event less than $50 in addition to the amount found owing hereon. In addition the University will not release grades, transcripts, diplomas, employer verification or allow a student to register for subsequent terms with a delinquent balance. The applicant hereby certifies that this Agreement was entered into and executed in the State of Connecticut.

Students are required to request refunds - See details here

Sacred Heart University
5151 Park Avenue
Fairfield, CT 06825-1000
Attn: Office of the Cashier

Sacred Heart University is pleased to present the Tuition Refund Plan as an option for Full Time Undergraduate students and parents. This Plan significantly extends and enhances the University’s published refund policy. You are assured of a 70% refund throughout the term (70% maximum benefit through TRP if the withdrawal is due to a mental health condition) even after the University’s policy has expired. This is especially beneficial when you are forced to withdraw and then return for a later term. This plan is not underwritten by Sacred Heart University.

For your convenience, you may also visit the website below for information or to apply online. Questions regarding the Plan should be addressed to A.W.G. Dewar at (617) 774-1555


Sacred Heart University Office of Student Accounts representatives may only speak with you the student unless authorization is provided.

If you wish for Student Accounts representatives to speak (in-person or by phone) with any party (i.e. parent(s)) on your behalf, log in to your account to add the other party as an Authorized User. There is no limit to the quantity of authorized users.

With this authorization, your parent(s) will be able to make payment and review your billing record online.