Federally-Mandated Training Programs

In response to the federal government’s increasing compliance requirements for grant recipients, the University is required to comply with mandated training programs for a number of issues, including the following:

  • The Protection of Human Subjects
  • Laboratory Animal Welfare & Wildlife Research
  • The Responsible Conduct of Research
  • Good Clinical Practices
  • Health Information Privacy & Security
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Biosafety and Biosecurity
  • Export Controls

To meet this federal mandate, the University subscribes to a program called the CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) Program. CITI provides online training programs in all of the areas listed above, which are federally compliant and regularly updated. Completion of a training module leads to a Completion Report for the learner, to document that a training program has been successfully completed. 

The CITI training programs are available to institutions on an annual subscription basis, which allows access for anyone affiliated with the University (faculty, students, staff, relevant committee members, etc). Those of you who are aware of the federal mandate know that the training mandate extends down to our students who are involved in research. 

The address for the CITI program is: www.citiprogram.org. To access the program, each new user must CREATE AN ACCOUNT, and affiliate with the University, by entering “Sacred Heart University, Inc., when prompted. You will then enter your Personal Information, and create a username and password. Please use your SHU email address as the Username, and set whatever password you would like, keeping a record of it.

This will bring you to a survey, series of questions, and then to a page where you will SELECT YOUR CURRICULUM of courses of interest to you. 

The next page will be the MAIN MENU, which will list the courses that you have chosen, along with a number of learner tools that are designed to help you. From this page, you can add a course, update your profile, view previously completed coursework, etc.

Click the title of a course to begin or to continue a course. Please note that you are required to complete the Integrity Assurance Statement, each time, before you will be able to gain access to a course. 

You will be able to start and stop the training programs, at will. The system will track your place in the training program, and will record those components completed. 

At the end of each training program, you will be able to print a personalized COMPLETION REPORT, to document that you have successfully completed the training. This is determined by quiz scores, administered at the end of each component of the training.

I hope that you will agree that the CITI program offers a valuable training dimension for our campus. At Sacred Heart University, it has long been our practice, to take the ‘federal standard’ (in this case, mandated training for federal grantees) as the ‘minimum standard.’

As faculty become familiar with the capacity of the CITI training programs, some of you may find that this is a useful resource for both faculty and students, whether or not you are dealing with a grant program.

If you any need assistance, please contact Funda Alp, Executive Director of Sponsored Programs, at 203396-8241 or alpf@sacredheart.edu.