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‌Our Practice
As part of the Sacred Heart Doctor of Physical Therapy faculty, our Physical Therapy Specialists pride themselves on practicing with the most up-to-date evidence-based information.  Each of our practitioners is currently (or working toward) a clinical specialty.  The value of a certified clinical specialist is their knowledge, expertise, and passion for treating individuals within their specialty area.

Our Physical Therapy Specialists are required to spend 2,500 clinical hours with the patient population before sitting for a national exam or complete a credentialed residency and/or fellowship program.

At Sacred Heart Physical Therapy Specialists we pride ourselves on providing the best possible rehabilitative care.  To do this we follow five key principles; our therapists practice in a manner that is: patient-centered, evidenced-based, anatomically and impairment-based, functionally-oriented, and response-driven.

We view the rehabilitation process as a team effort where you the patient are always the most important piece.  Together with you our therapists will collaborate in the goal setting, planning, and carrying out of the most appropriate treatment to help you return to your desired level of function.

Part of being a specialist in physical therapy is being able to find, interpret, and implement the most appropriate examination and intervention techniques.  Our therapists find it a professional duty to stay up-to-date on the most recent research which results in better care for our patients.

Anatomically and impairment-based
Injuries involve the disruption or impairment of anatomical structures of your body.  As experts in human movement science our therapists are uniquely qualified to understand what is happening with your injury.  As impairments improve the body’s response changes, because of this our therapists are constantly reassessing and personally tailoring the treatment.

Part of being an expert in human movement science is understanding how the human body works in everyday functional tasks.  Our therapists are skilled at breaking down and interpreting what therapeutic activities will help prepare you to return to your normal activities. 

From the first day you are seen, our therapists will be focusing on helping you regain function.  Every single therapeutic activity that you are asked to do has a specific purpose.  If the therapist and you are not finding an activity to not be making an improvement, then it will be discontinued and a more appropriate activity substituted.