How To Search

WebAdvisor is our online application that allows anyone to search for course offerings by semester. This information is up-to-date. You do not need a login to search for our offerings. Here are instructions and some helpful hints in finding our offerings:  
  • Go to the WebAdvisor log-in
  • If you are not a current student or faculty member choose Prospective Students
  • Click on search for sections
  • You must select a term – and at least one other criterion.  
  • When you complete the selections click on submit to display search results

Definition of Criteria


  • Fall - courses offered during the full fall semester
  • Winter - courses offered between fall and spring semesters
  • Spring – courses offered during the full spring semester
  • Accelerated Terms included in a regular term. These courses are generally offered for part-time students only. See Academic Calendar for dates.       
  • Late Spring – includes Tri-semester and May Intensive.
  • Summer I
  • Summer II


  • All subjects are listed in the drop down table


  • Course levels are indicated in the drop down table

View directions to other campus/sites...

  • Blended/Location indicates that the course is offered partially at the identified campus and partially online using our Blackboard application. We call that a ‘Blended’ course.
  • Fairfield – all courses located at the 5151 Park Avenue Main Campus
  • Center for Healthcare Education - College of Nursing & College of Health Professions  
  • Griswold – Graduate Education courses offered at our Griswold Campus – generally open to students identified with that campus
  • Southport – Psychology courses located offsite
  • Stamford – Courses located at Stamford Campus
  • Online – Courses offered exclusively on-line using our Blackboard application
  • Off-site Education Courses – Frenchtown, Sherman, Stratford, Beecher, New Haven, & Waterbury Schools