Parking at Fairfield Campus

SHU Parking Policy | Effective 1/17/17

All parking questions should be sent to

Parking is restricted on the main Fairfield campus to faculty and commuter students with valid decals only; Monday through Friday from 7AM to 4:30PM when classes are in session. From 4:30PM to 11:00PM a valid parking decal is still required to park on campus. Please note that this policy does not apply to weekends (between 10PM Friday and 11PM Sunday) or to the fall, spring and summer breaks when the undergraduate student population is away from campus. During these times or when classes are not in session (holidays, semester breaks, weather-related class cancellations) parking for university staff is allowed on the main Fairfield campus, but your issued parking permit (decal or hang tag) must always be displayed for security purposes. There is NO overnight parking permitted at any time on the Fairfield main campus. The only exceptions are emergencies or students parked at their assigned on-campus residential halls who have a valid parking decal. For emergency situations, such as a disabled vehicle that will be left overnight, Public Safety dispatch must be notified.

Fairfield Main Campus

  • Commuter students – decal required
  • Students who are assigned by lottery to park in front of or near their dorms may park in the designated parking lot (Jorge Bergoglio Hall residents - Upper Quad parking lot) as they are required to walk to classes on the main Fairfield campus. Other students in university housing will be using our shuttle services. Residential students who do not receive parking at their residence hall are eligible for “student overflow” and to use the 24/7 shuttle service.
  • Full-time and adjunct faculty, who don’t serve as a full time staff person employed by the university.

For those who are permitted to park on campus, there are no designated lots. Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis, inclusive of the surface (130) spaces at the Martire Center.

Staff has been assigned parking at one of the locations below using a site-specific colored and numbered hang tag. There is no other authorized parking at these locations, as the allocated spaces are full.

Martire Center

  • Commuter Students & Faculty and Adjuncts
  • Staff employees previously assigned to the Martire Center are assigned to park at West Campus – West Garage
  • Commuter and residential students must not park on city of Bridgeport side streets for access to Martire. This is an SHU community public relations important objective.
  • Martire Garage remains paid parking by subscription and is presently full. Email to be placed on the waiting list
  • At the end of each academic year those currently with a paid garage assignment will receive an email to determine if they wish to renew their subscription for the coming year.
  • Do not park in the driveway leading to Jefferson Street or Park Avenue, as these areas are restricted for emergency vehicles access only. Also, do not park where Public Safety has placed orange traffic cones and no parking is permitted on grass areas at any time.
  • There are (130) marked surface parking spaces located at this facility that are open on a first-come basis for faculty and commuter students between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. daily.
  • If you arrive and don’t see an open parking space, you should immediately drive to the Main campus entrance and park in the North parking lot along Jefferson Street and walk to the Martire Center through the rear campus exit using the Jefferson Street crosswalk.
  • Public Safety conducts parking counts in all campus lots at various time intervals and parking is available in the North lot daily. So save some time and use this location!
  • Public Safety is enforcing parking violations and vehicles are subject to being booted and towed. This is an official policy and notice of the restrictions and signage on site is not required for enforcement of improper parking in any driveway on campus or not parking in a marked legal space.
  • There is no overnight parking in general parking lots without Public Safety authorization.

Center for Healthcare Education

  • Parking is restricted on the CHE campus to faculty and commuter students with valid decals only Monday through Friday from 7AM to 4:30PM when classes are in session.
  • There are two separate surface parking lots as shown below.
  • Students in residential housing MUST use the CHE dedicated express shuttle from Main Campus.
  • CHE Garage remains paid parking by subscription and is presently full. Email to be placed on the waiting list.
  • At the end of each academic year those currently with a paid garage assignment will receive an email to determine if they wish to renew their subscription for the coming year.

Center for Healthcare Education Parking Map

West Campus

West Garage - Lower & Upper Floors

  • Staff and vendor employees formerly parking atWestfield Mall & Upper Quad will use their existing Trumbull or Upper Quad hang tag and gate card access has been added to your SHU ID Card.
    • This includes Chartwells, SSC and Bookstore employees
    • Vendor employees will use existing hang tag and stop at Security Gate House. Those scheduled for early hours can use the same on demand student overflow shuttle by calling 203-650-1606 upon arrival at West garage.
  • Faculty and Adjuncts may also use parking at West Campus at their discretion
  • Parking with Shuttle Service 7AM – 7PM (see details below)

WEST CAMPUS Garages have a height restriction of 7 feet – no ladder racks or oversized vehicles are permitted in any garage facility. Use exterior parking adjacent to each garage facility.

West Campus Shuttle Services

  • There will be two shuttles operating from 7AM to 7PM weekdays on a continuous loop. 
  • All shuttles will follow the same route as described below:
    • West Campus loop passes all three garages and enters Jefferson Street – enters Main Campus at Gaynos Drive with first stop at Pitt Center/Curtis Hall; second stop at HC Wing for entire Academic Building; third stop at Melady Hall and fourth stop at Martire and return to West Campus in a continuous loop.
    • Shuttles to pick up at combined entrance & exit for each garage.

Upper Quad

  • Commuter Students and Faculty including Adjuncts who can’t find a parking space on the Fairfield Main Campus may park in the Upper Quad parking lot during academic hours 7AM to 11PM weekdays.
  • No overnight parking (excluding residential students with site specific decal).

Notre Dame

  • Staff Assigned at this site remain
  • ND hang tag REQUIRED – parking is limited to the rear rows, main lot nearest field.
    • SHU PS Parking Enforcement is authorized at ND
    • No shuttle service provided

Parking Portal

All Community Members (Students, Faculty & Staff) are required to participate for security purposes if you drive a car to campus for your employment.

All community members annually by August 30 MUST log into the online parking portal and verify/update their parking information. This procedure provides an easy method for all that drive a vehicle to any university facility to change a vehicle and update all data for security purposes. We will be able to communicate by email with all specific parking groups by site location in the event of an emergency. On the parking portal, you will be required to provide vehicle info, registration plate number(s) and verify your decal or hang tag for security purposes and compliance with this policy. 

Failure to verify your information annually by August 30 constitutes a violation of the university parking policy, which has a $15 administrative fine. Please complete this procedure to avoid receiving an invoice sent to your home address for non-compliance to this provision of the parking policy.

Employee Parking

All university employees must have a parking credential (Staff - hang tag or Faculty - decal). Hiring Managers should notify regarding the new employee name and specific work site location. The employee upon starting employment will go into the parking portal to enter his or her vehicle information. A parking credential will thereafter be issued.

Payment for Decals and/or Parking Violations

All decals and parking ticket violations will be billed by invoice and payments can be made at the Office of the Cashier in the Main Academic Building – SC Wing or by mail to:

SHU Office of the Cashier
5151 Park Avenue
Fairfield, CT 06825

Any student owing a balance greater than $250 will be referred to the Dean of Students Office for judicial action. Also faculty and staff will be referred to the appropriate vice president.

Visitors Parking Procedure

Public Safety will need to be notified in advance of any expected visitors. We have established an online web portal on the Public Safety website for this purpose.

You will be asked to complete specific visitor information at least 48 hours prior to arrival. The Public Safety Security Booth will have a list of all scheduled visitors and provide a one-day color coded permit. Public Safety can’t guarantee a visitor will find an open space. Any large SHU-sponsored events must be coordinated with Public Safety allowing 14 days to plan for needed parking off-site and/or shuttle service. Please note that the sponsor of the event will need to cover any additional costs related to parking. The Curtis Hall lot will have 15 designated spaces marked and restricted for Admissions guests only.  

Restrictions and Enforcement

No large external (non-university sponsored) events will be scheduled on campus when classes are in session. Please refer to the academic calendar and verify the scheduling of any programs or events with your divisional vice president or respective dean. This policy will not work if it is not enforced; therefore there will be a heavy and continuous Public Safety presence in the lots and monitoring those who come on campus. Public Safety will ticket and/or “boot” cars without up-to-date parking decals or hang tags. Booted vehicles are subject to towing at the owner’s expense daily after 11PM if not approved in advance by Public Safety.

We recognize that some members of our community have state-authorized handicapped permits, and these limited spaces must be maintained for those who qualify. We are hereby instructing those employees to also display their SHU hang tag on the driver’s side of their dashboard for the security reasons previously stated. If a person with a state handicapped placard can’t find a designated handicapped space they may park in any open parking space. 

Legal Notice – Terms & Conditions

Parking in a University owned or leased facility is solely at your own risk. SHU is not responsible for incidental accident damage, vandalism to or theft of or from a vehicle.

Parking Appeals

All appeals must be filed online.

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