Emergency Notification

Participation in the Emergency Notification program is mandatory.

Sacred Heart University has implemented an Emergency Notification System comprised of multiple technology layers for all members of the University community. This system requires that each student, faculty and staff member(s) provide emergency contact information. This information will be protected and held confidential, for use only by this emergency notification system. 

Procedure - If you have already signed up please take a moment to ensure that your information has been entered into the system correctly.

To enter your information:

  1. Please click or visit: https://webadvisor.sacredheart.edu
  2. Click on Log In and enter your network username, in lower case letters, and password.
  3. Click on Employees, Students or Staff
  4. Click on Emergency Notification Info
  5. Verify that your information there is correct, and then enter your cell phone number in the field provided.  If you do not have a cell phone, please enter the next best contact number at which to reach you. 
  6. NOTE:  Once you submit your phone number, it will take (7) business days for integration into the notification system.
  7. Please do not forget to change this information whenever you change phone numbers.

The page records your number for one purpose only: to notify you in the event of an emergency that requires everyone on the campus to be informed immediately. 

The system will attempt to send you an SMS (aka "text message") to your phone first.

If that does not work (e.g. is not applicable), then the system will call your number with a brief, recorded message that explains what is going on.

Sacred Heart University conducts tests of the Emergency Notification Text Messaging System. (It is important that you have registered for this notification service.)

At the beginning of the text message the following wording will prefix the emergency message:

SHU EAS = (Sacred Heart University - Emergency Alert System)

In a System Test - the text message will state that this is a test and provide you with a random sequential number for you to respond back acknowledging that you received the test message.

(Please respond as directed by sending the assigned number back, as the system will log your acknowledgement and this will serve to complete the test cycle.)

Note: During an emergency, campus phones must be “initially restricted” to the notification of University Officials only. In the absence of phone services, the Department of Public Safety may provide runners for emergency notification if personnel resources are available.