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App available for both Android and iPhone devices.

SHU Safe is an emergency communication tool between the University community and SHU Public Safety, as well as local emergency first responders. This mobile app is available for both Android and iPhone devices. When you first download the SHU Safe app, you will be prompted to set up a profile with basic information about you and your medical history (allergies, diabetes, etc.) that will help first responders to treat you in case of emergency. You are not required to fill this out in its entirety, but the more information you provide, the easier it will be for emergency personnel to provide immediate and directed assistance to you. SHU Safe offers four major features described below.

Emergency Call

Emergency CallIf you are experiencing or come upon an emergency, you can open the SHU Safe app, select emergency and choose to contact SHU Public Safety or 911.

If used on campus

  • If you choose to contact SHU Public Safety, your call will go directly to our SHU Public Safety Dispatcher, and they will see your location and dispatch help. As long as you are somewhere on SHU property—whether it is a parking lot, Roncalli Hall, Center for Healthcare Education (CHE) building, etc.—and your phone is connected to the SHU Wi-Fi system, your location will show up, and help will be sent to you.
  • If you choose to contact 911, your call will go directly to the nearest 911 Dispatcher; however, our SHU Public Safety Dispatcher will continue to see your GPS location and dispatch help.

If used off campus

  • If emergency calls are placed to 911 or SHU Public Safety, your call will go directly to the appropriate Dispatcher. Calls placed to SHU Public Safety will continue to provide our SHU Public Safety Dispatcher with relevant information pertaining to emergency response, such as GPS location.

Sacred Heart University is one of the first universities in the nation to launch a system so advanced that it can pinpoint where an individual is inside a building. Unlike traditional GPS locations, which can only identify a building, SHU Public Safety can identify where you are within a building, which can drastically reduce response times. If you are outside, GPS will identify your general location.

Report something suspicious or iReports

iReportsIf you happen to see something suspicious, you can report it to SHU Public Safety by choosing from one of the categories listed. This non-emergency feature allows you to report everything from a suspicious person or vandalism to a request for help for a locked door or flat tire. SHU Public Safety will identify your location; however, this report can be made anonymously if that is your preference.






Friend Watch

Friend WatchThe friend watch feature allows you to set up a safety check with someone in your contact list. For example, if you are going to be walking home from class late at night or going for a jog after dark, you can let your contact know when you expect to be home. If you do not deactivate the safety check by the appointed time, your contact will receive a text, have the ability to view a map of your GPS location, and will know to check on you.


Services and Tips

Services and Tips ScreenshotThis feature will allow users to:

  • Request a personal safety escort (which places a non-emergency call into our SHU Public Safety Dispatch)
  • View the campus map
  • View the DPS emergency plan
  • View/update your unique profile

More Information

For further information, please contact Coordinator of Safety and Security Programs, Stephanie Trelli at 203-371-7794 or