R.A.D. Program

R.A.D. ProgramThe Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) system is an empowering, self-defense curriculum designed just for women. Participants receive instruction from nationally certified instructors in the following areas:

  • Awareness
  • Risk Reduction
  • Risk Avoidance
  • Basic Self-Defense Training (Hands-On)

‎The program is divided into four mandatory sessions. Early sessions focus on teaching strategies and tips that are proven to minimize a woman's risk of being victimized, while the physical defense component of the curriculum provides participants with a variety of options that enhance their ability to fend off threats. The final session places participants in realistic simulations, which allow them to practice the self-defense techniques they learned on their instructors in a safe environment.

‎R.A.D. is completely free of charge and is open to women ages 14 and up. Women below the age of 18 are required to get parental consent in order to participate. Each participant receives a program manual that outlines the entire curriculum for future review and refreshing of course material. Graduates of the program can utilize the manual as a key to R.A.D.’s free lifetime return and practice policy. 

Contact the Crime Prevention Officer, Stephanie Trelli at crimeprevention@sacredheart.edu to register or inquire about the program.


Stephanie Trelli

Stephanie Trelli
Instructing since 2014

Dino Cassone

Dino Cassone
Instructing since 2011


Philip Brenha
Instructing since 2007