Visual Identity Approach

The consistent visual representation across multiple communication channels or platforms is an essential method of effectively managing and reinforcing our brand.  From brochures to our website, from posters to e-newsletters, the Sacred Heart brand should be consistent and identifiable to internal and external audiences. 

The University’s branding efforts are intended to present Sacred Heart’s key strengths in a forward-thinking, authentic, vibrant approach.  Our development of an institutional color palette, family of typefaces, publication type and logo are elements of a visual identity system.

Sacred Heart has also identified a set of visual touchstones in its marketing communications pieces that are centered on creating emotional, resonant messages through the use of rich, color-saturated photography, a classic, timeless logo and typeface choices and writing that is honest, direct, authoritative and accessible. 

In the face of ever-increasing scrutiny regarding the value of our educational experience and product, concrete facts, figures and actual success stories should be used whenever possible to support the vision our message communicates.  Our brand will be evaluated by the story we tell and how well we tell it. 

Our intent, when possible, is to provide our audience with enough information to create a compelling need to either act on the information presented or to seek additional information on the University’s website.