Publication Standards

If you are working on a marketing communications project, please contact the Marketing & Communications Divison for approval.  Please remember to follow these guidelines:

  • The visual appearance of the University logo and the institution’s name cannot be altered in any way.  The Marketing & Communications Division has both black and white and color versions of Sacred Heart’s logo in a variety of electronic formats that can be utilized by internal customers.  These treatments of the logo are the only acceptable versions.
  • The University’s logo should not be used to endorse or support services, products, events or causes unless the relationship has been formalized by the administration and fits within the overall mission and vision of the University.  The University’s logo should also not be used in conjunction with the logos of other organizations unless approved by the University. 
  • All printed projects should include a link to the University’s website.  Because Sacred Heart considers its website as a central element of its marketing strategy and as a critical forum to build and reinforce our unique brand, the URL ( should be listed prominently on all printed publications.
  • Less is more.  Keep your information focused and brief.  If possible, put detailed information on the University’s website and direct your audience there for additional information and/or to register or apply.
  • For publications, the following typefaces should be used:
    • Serif: Book Antiqua
    • Sanserif: Century Gothic