The University Shield

The University Shield

SHU Shield Logo

The dexter employs aspects of the arms of the Diocese of Bridgeport.  The bridge placed above the waves of flowing water embodies an apt expression of the name of the diocese that encompasses Fairfield County, Connecticut, where Sacred Heart University is located.

The bridge represents service, which forges strong bonds of understanding and unity between diverse constituencies, while the life-giving water symbolizes the “port” by which new knowledge and ideas energize the scholars who commit themselves to the disciplines of academic inquiry. 

The Cross of Our Faith above the bridge dignifies the other symbols and identifies the University as a community that celebrates the richness of the Catholic intellectual tradition.

The other side of the shield, sinister, uses elements from the personal coat of arms from the Most Rev. Walter W. Curtis, S.T.D., the founder of Sacred Heart University and the second Bishop of the Diocese of Bridgeport.  The central checkered bar, taken from the Curtis family coat of arms, suggests the collaborative nature of the learning community in which each individual member contributes to the integrity of the whole. 

The two diamonds, taken from the Costello family shield to honor the Bishop’s mother, are placed in the upper portion to represent the University’s two most precious treasures:  Love, the compassion of God as symbolized in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and Truth, the goal of all scholarly activity.  To honor Mary, the Seat of Wisdom, the University shield includes the crescent moon, which is the symbol of Our Lady under the title of the Immaculate Conception, signifying the years that Bishop Curtis spent as a professor of moral theology at Immaculate Conception Seminary.

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