Tagline - Usage and Governance

A tagline is a short phrase that communicates the highest priority message about our brand. Taglines aren’t just catchy phrases or snappy slogans that we scatter amongst our collateral; they are critical, strategic components of our brand identity.

We are a growing university with an ambitious strategic plan to change the outward face of our brand. We expect that the taglines we create will evolve and as such, we purposely do NOT incorporate current university taglines with our logo and other key visual brand identity elements.

The random creation and execution of non-approved taglines dilutes our brand messaging and undermines our collective branding efforts. The SHU Marketing & Communications Division is solely responsible for the creation, use and governance of taglines in all university publications, collateral materials and communications pieces. The creation of departmental, school or office sub-taglines will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Marketing & Communications Division after careful consideration of the impact of the possible tagline on the overall University messaging efforts.

Current Tagline

Inspiring Minds. Unleashing Hearts.

This tagline captures our roles and responsibilities as educators, mentors and leaders and demonstrates the equality of each of these aspects in the SHU Experience. It succinctly reflects our ideals of intellectual curiosity and achievement, academic rigor and excellence and commitment to community and social justice.