Brand Promise and Messages

These five key messages embody the story of Sacred Heart. They distinguish us from our competitors and represent the greatest strengths of the university.

The key to communicating the SHU brand is knowing and understanding these traits and how to express them in your messaging and writing in a consistent, confident voice. Rather than simply repeating these messages verbatim, look for creative ways to demonstrate and prove them.

An important aspect of the SHU brand voice is its relationship to the student. The reason for the changes and growth at the university are all driven by the aspirations and successful outcomes of the students at SHU.

People will connect with the SHU brand more deeply if the brand is approachable on an individualpersonal level. Prospective audiences look at the people of SHU - their beliefs, their convictions, their ideas, their values, their accomplishments, their results - and the SHU experience in deciding to align themselves with the University brand.

The Promises of the SHU Brand

  • Dedicated to the Transformation and Growth of our students, the institution and the SHU family. 
  • The Strength of the Individual Emboldened by the power of the SHU community.
  • Pioneering in practice, spirit and thought to create new futures.
  • Committed to Passionate Service to each other, our communities and the world.
  • Creating, building and leading communities of academic excellence and intellectual exchange.

The primary messages for the SHU brand to communicate to stakeholders are as follows:

The people of SHU are- And the SHU Experience is All About- 
committed to providing transformative opportunities

growth.  A rich history and deep commitment to growth.  That commitment is reflected in the physical growth of the campus, the growth of the academic programs and the growth of its students.

opportunity. Giving students, faculty and communities a chance to make their lives richer and more successful, from athletics to academics to careers.

realizing your full potential. The discovery, nourishment and celebration of the strength of the individual.


breaking new ground. An inspired, modern, Catholic education, focused on providing real experiences and opportunities for passionate learning.

leading thinkers to new ideas. Being part of a community that is engaging in and leading new thinking and innovation in the context of community, faith and education.

making a difference

engaging in the world with purpose.  Finding powerful, effective ways to improve the lives of others.

a supportive community 

helping students flourish. Being part of a vibrant learning community of faculty and students who both mentor you and challenge you to grow.

concerned with the whole person 

growing in body, mind, heart and spirit. Exploring what it means to be human, how to live a life of meaning and purpose, and how to work for a more just society.

genuine and real

being yourself. No need to pretend to be something you’re not; the freedom to explore and express yourself honestly in a supportive community.


preparing for success in the real world. Giving you the skills and real-world work experience to excel in your career.