SHU Brand Standards Guide

Why We Have Identity Standards

The Sacred Heart University brand is the tangible expression of all that we stand for as a university and as a community. When we use the Sacred Heart brand, our goal is to communicate one vision and speak in one voice. The brand elements and usage standards identified in this guide have been carefully selected to work together as a system that supports the strategic efforts of the University. While this guide outlines how to use various brand components in our communication efforts, it is important to stress that adherence to all usage instructions is critical for the components of our brand identity to work together so that our audiences and shareholders can understand and invest in the Sacred Heart promise and mission across the entirety of the SHU experience.  Every communications touch point needs to consistently project who we arewhat we do and why it matters.

How to Use This Manual

This manual is organized into sections that explain the usage of the logo, how to write about the university and how to create print, online or video materials for the brand.

You should read at least the sections that cover the logo (graphic identity) and editorial style; then focus on the areas relevant to the kind of material you are creating.

This is a living document. We can change it as we discover new applications and needs for the brand identity. Ask questions and suggest things that we need to cover. 

Request a Sacred Heart University Logo

To request an official SHU logo, complete the online Logo Request form.