Internal Communication Policy

Sacred Heart University formed a committee to review and enhance our internal communications practices. The committee produced an Internal Communication Policy with the purpose of defining the proper use of internal mass communication technologies in an effective and efficient manner. The policy applies to all faculty, staff and students and is attached for review. 

Subsequently, IT, in partnership with Marketing and Communications, implemented a new system to help us better manage email distribution. This new system, called Regroup, will help us across the spectrum of email needs, from emergency and other critical university announcements, to department and student organization announcements and public announcements. The system allows for managing subscriptions (opting out) of certain categories of email, while also ensuring that reliable messaging is available for authorized purposes. 

If you have any questions, contact: 

For general technical help:

The Factory
Tel: 203-365-7575

For policy questions & requests for new email distribution groups:

Deb Noack
Director of Communications
Tel: 203-396-8483

For system-level & group administrator support:

Joe Gardella
Admin IT
Tel: 203-365-4453


Internal Communication Policy Email Group Requests