Filming Policy

Filming at Sacred Heart University

Thank you for your interest in Sacred Heart University as a possible location for your production.

If you would like to film on campus, please complete the Film Location Application and email to Deb Noack, director of Communications, at

If you would like to discuss your project before filling out the forms, you may email Deb or call her at 203-396-8483. Please try to provide as much notice as possible.

To protect the privacy of our students, faculty and staff, the Marketing & Communications Division reviews each request carefully.  In addition, a representative of the University must accompany you while you are on campus.

Before filming, we will request a copy of your insurance policy. A Certificate of Insurance naming Sacred Heart University as an additional insured for the day(s) of load-in, filming and strike must be provided at least 48 hours before you arrive on campus. Amount of coverage will be determined by the scope of the project.

Guidelines for Use of the Name or Facilities for Film, Video and Photography 

The Marketing & Communications Division is responsible for reviewing, approving and coordinating all non-news requests for film, video and photography. The following guidelines outline the process for obtaining permission and assistance in filming or photographing on campus. All inquiries should be made to the Marketing & Communications Division rather than to individual departments.  

Also included below are guidelines and a procedure for requesting permission to use the Sacred Heart University name in a film, video or television production. Requests to use the Sacred Heart name can be submitted directly by email or mail.

Contact information: 

Deb Noack, director of Communications

Marketing & Communications Division
Sacred Heart University
5151 Park Avenue
Fairfield, CT 06825


Before considering any filming, photography or video recording on the Sacred Heart University campus, the Marketing & Communications Division must have all of the following information or documentation on hand from the requesting party: 

  1. A completed film application for video film or still photography
  2. A copy of the entire script or storyboard with the relevant portions marked
  3. A synopsis

Prior to filming on campus, the Marketing & Communications Division must have all of the following information or documentation on hand from the requesting party: 

  1. A security and damage deposit, if applicable
  2. A certificate of insurance naming Sacred Heart University as additional insured
  3. A signed agreement with the production company

We recognize that much of this information will arrive at different intervals. All must be completed no less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled filming date. 

Location Surveys 

A representative from the Marketing & Communications Division will accompany a representative of the production company on an initial tour of the campus to identify possible filming sites.  

Technical walk-through: Sacred Heart requires that the production company conduct a technical walk-through of the approved locations with a representative of the Marketing & Communications Division. All of the production company’s department heads, as well as the director and producer, will be required to participate in the technical walk-through to define the scope, time frame and methods of the work to be performed. It is important to anticipate any issues that will impact the use of University staff or facilities at this time. Surveys will be conducted no later than seven days in advance for feature films and 48 hours in advance for commercials. 

Promptly thereafter, the company will deliver final blocking to Sacred Heart outlining location of camera crew, electricians, etc. Any changes beyond this point will be subject to University approval.  


Once the University, has received the information about specific date(s), location(s) and script, the University will evaluate and approve the request according to the following: 

If the film refers to Sacred Heart University, the script must be read and permission grated for specific use of the Sacred Heart name, marks or buildings

  1. The location(s) and date(s) cannot interfere with normal University business and events
  2. The filming cannot interfere with prior filming commitments on campus
  3. The necessary security, facilities and other personnel must be available
  4. The necessary parking must be available
  5. The necessary permission must be secured from the Town of Fairfield if deemed necessary by the Marketing & Communications Division

Locations Available for Filming

Provided that scheduling is not a problem, many exteriors can be used for filming. Because of the nature of their use, requests for the following locations are available only on a case-by-case basis:

  • All interior locations
  • Pitt Recreation Center
  • McMahon Commons
  • Martire Business & Communications Center
  • Ryan Mature Library

It is important that the University community have access to all facilities. Permission to film is contingent upon the agreement to allow some access to all the locations where filming occurs. 

Security Deposit 

A security deposit adequate to an estimate of risk may be required in a bank check payable to Sacred Heart University. The deposit will be refunded after all services have been provided and/or damages paid. 


A Certificate of Insurance naming Sacred Heart University as additional insured for the day(s) of filming, load-in and strike must be presented to the Marketing & Communications Division a minimum of 48 hours prior to filming and/or load-in. Coverage is determined by the nature of the project. 

Police/Security Personnel 

All production companies are required to hire University safety officers during their stay on campus with a four-hour minimum. The University’s minimum security requirements are one officer for every 50 cast/crew members on campus. Security for special days, such as dressing and strike days, will be discussed as needed. Officers are booked at least 72 hours prior to the start of a shoot. Should the start time change, the production company will be billed at the time originally established. Activity on town or city streets may require hiring town or city police officers. 


All parking arrangement for cast, crew and production vehicles must be made no fewer than seven days in advance of shoot days. If parking is required on town or city streets, arrangements must be made with the town or city. Where vehicle parking will impact pedestrian traffic, film crews will be expected to set up appropriate signage and safety barriers and to hire staff to alert pedestrians to potential hazards.  


Sacred Heart University prefers that Sacred Heart catering is used. Tents may be used to serve as dining areas, pending approval. All garbage must be removed from the dining area and properly disposed of at the conclusion of meals.  


The production company must remove all trash resulting from its use of the facilities and dispose of it properly at the close of each day, unless other arrangements are made in advance. Quantities of trash in excess of one bag will require custodial services or dumpster rental. Such arrangement must be confirmed with Sacred Heart before filming.  

Use of Subcontractors 

It is understood that some crew or services may be subcontractors of the production company that has contracted with the University. The production company accepts full responsibility to the University for acts and omissions of all person directly or indirectly employed while on campus. 

Crew Conduct 

Sacred Heart is pleased to welcome film productions to its campus community. However, the primary function of the University is that of an educational institution. When working on campus, crew, including subcontractors and talent, must abide by the following requirements. Disregard for any of these may result in removal of individual crew from University property or suspension of the production. 

  1. All production crew will wear a visible identification badge at all time while on University property with the exception of the talent when they are being filmed. All production crew will confine their activities only to the specific areas that have been designated for production.
  2. All requests for assistance from Sacred Heart staff will be directed only to the designated contact from the Marketing & Communications Division unless otherwise instructed.
  3. Smoking is prohibited in all University buildings and only in certain designated outdoor areas. All cigarette butts must be properly disposed of in receptacles to be provided by the production company.
  4. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or narcotics is prohibited on campus. All production crew will keep noise levels as low as possible. All cast and crew will refrain from the use of lewd or improper language as well as disruptive behavior while on campus.

Fire Marshal 

Some productions may require the University fire marshal to inspect the location prior to filming. The production company is required to retain the service of the fire marshal as deemed necessary by the marshal on the day(s) of filming and will be subject to fees accordingly. 


Filming equipment will be set up in a manner that does not create safety hazards. The production company must provide the University in advance with an inventor of all equipment to be brought on campus. If temporary construction is necessary, permission must be obtained in advance and it should be constructed so that it neither damages University property nor endangers anyone. 

Use of the Sacred Heart University Name 

Sacred Heart University will consider requests to use its name in a film, photography or television production. Sacred Heart does not participate in productions that feature violence, drugs, suicide, academic fraud, underage use of alcohol or extreme profanity. We can elect not to participate for any reason.

The University requires the following before evaluating any request: 

  1. A completed film application for a one-time use of Sacred Heart props
  2. A copy of the entire script or storyboard with the relevant portions market
  3. A synopsis

If permission is given to use Sacred Heart props, a release form will be prepared by the Marketing & Communications Division and sent for signature to applicant. We will not sign release forms, other than our own.