What to Expect from the JLC

The JLC’s mission is to provide academic support to strengthen student learning and empower every student to develop as a self-directed learner. Students who use JLC services can expect to be treated as individuals, to be listened to, and to be treated as holistic learners. A holistic approach to learning means recognizing that each student has his or her academic and emotional needs. Consequently, JLC tutors pay attention to the importance of cognition as well as the emotional aspects of learning, including the effects of stress and anxiety. The JLC’s commitment to helping students become self-directed, lifelong learners means that JLC tutors help students learn better—and thus gain the confidence to take the learning strategies they acquire in tutorial sessions into their academic and everyday lives. The JLC philosophy of promoting self-directed learning encourages students to set goals and take pride in their progress and academic performance.

Frequently Asked Questions about the JLC

The JLC welcomes all students who need academic support. Whether it’s getting started on an assignment, brainstorming ideas for a paper, researching a topic, using library or electronic resources, understanding concepts in specific subject areas, reviewing for an exam, strengthening general study skills, getting organized and overcoming procrastination, improving reading comprehension, or developing a thesis for an argumentative paper, the JLC can provide academic support.

Bring your course syllabus, your assignment instructions or guidelines, your rough draft or outline (if you have one), any written feedback on previous papers, the textbook or other readings that you need for the assignment. Come prepared with your learning goal for the session and your questions written down.

Yes! The JLC is committed to collaborating with faculty and providing feedback on their students’ efforts. We want your instructor to see that you’re using the JLC’s resources to improve your learning. 

You must be joking! The JLC is committed to helping each student develop as a self-directed learner. Don’t expect a tutor to do your work for you. Learning comes from student engagement in the academic process. JLC tutors can help you understand material and learn how to learn better and work smarter. By getting to know your goals, learning process, strengths, we can help you achieve your   academic goals more effectively.

The JLC offers tutoring for math in a variety of modalities: CLAs for specific courses; one-on-one math tutorials with Peer and Professional tutors. At the JLC, we also focus on ways to alleviate anxiety when learning math.

JLC faculty tutors can help good writers become even more sophisticated by offering instruction in advanced writing strategies. A 1-on-1 session with a Professional tutor is a great way to take your writing to the next level.

We understand that learning isn’t just cognitive: it’s also about the student’s emotional well-being. If you are having trouble with time management, study skills, organizing your research, prioritizing your assignments, or just staying on top of your reading, we can help. Make an appointment with a Peer or Professional tutor and have a look at the JLC’s Workshop Schedule. JLC staff will help you select a package of  services that will suit your needs and your schedule.

Watch our video with a student who used the JLC services with great results!

Tips for using the JLC effectively: How to get the most out of your session

The best way to improve your academic performance is to take charge of your learning! Making an appointment is the first step to taking your academic performance to the next level. The JLC is here to provide academic support and facilitate your learning process, but you are the learner, so you get to be in the driver’s seat. The more you come prepared for a session, the more you are bound to take away from the session. 

Watch our interview with a JLC tutor below on how students can maximize their tutorial sessions. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Review the material you need help with before your session. Identify the specific difficulties you’re having. The more information you can provide your tutor or CLA, the more effective your session will be.
  • Bring a list of questions—so that you can maximize the benefits from the session.
  • Read the course syllabus and assignment instructions carefully and bring them with you. Your tutor will be able to help you much more if he or she knows what your instructor expects.
  • Brings your notes. Tell your tutor any additional information your instructor mentioned in class.
  • Ask your instructor for clarification if you are unsure what’s expected. If you’re unclear about the learning outcomes, purposes, and grading criteria of the assignment, speak up! Your instructor will appreciate the feedback and you’ll be able to tell your tutor more specifically what the assignment entails. 

Experienced accounting tutor, Alan Delfavero: How to get the most out of your session