JLC Academic Support Services

The JLC offers all SHU students opportunities to build their knowledge in multiple subject areas and to improve their academic skills. Students at every academic level can benefit from the JLC’s services. JLC tutors strive to help all students excel academically, achieve their learning goals, and blossom as lifelong, independent learners. Professional tutors, and trained Peer tutors and CLAs offer students academic support in multiple subject and skill areas in a friendly learning environment. Each student’s unique learning process, academic goals, and individual needs are our primary concern.

The JLC offers a range of services that students can select from and combine to suit their individual learning process and achieve their academic goals:   

CLA Peer Study Groups 

  • Led by faculty-recommended students, CLAs have excelled in the course they tutor, are recommended by faculty, and are trained in the Socratic method of tutoring. CLA labs are excellent for students who wish to study with other students who are enrolled in the same course.  CLA groups usually meet regularly throughout the semester and sessions focus on the course schedule, such as upcoming assignments and exams. See our video interview below with an SHU CLA!

  • CLAs are available in the following subject areas: anatomy/physiology; biology; chemistry; computer science; criminal justice; economics; exercise science; finance; history; math; statistics. To schedule an appointment, visit the CLA and Tutor Schedule page. 


Classroom Learning Assistant in action with a group of students studying statistics

Professional Tutors

  • Professional tutors specialize in particular subject or skill areas, including math, reading & writing, accounting, biology, chemistry, economics, finance, and history. Professional tutors are mostly adjunct faculty with expertise in the subject area. They provide academic support primarily through one-on-one tutoring and also small group sessions and workshops. Professional tutorials are not a substitute for course attendance, but are great for reviewing concepts and course material, getting started on an assignment or paper, and developing learning how to learn strategies.

  • While scheduling an appointment is highly recommended, students are welcome to drop by the JLC and check Professional tutor availability.

  • Call the JLC (203-371-7820) or drop by and make an appointment!

Watch a student describe her JLC experience working with a professional tutor

Peer Tutors

  • Like CLAs, Peer tutors help students in specific content areas, including math, biology, and statistics. Peer tutors can help with all aspects of a subject, including exam prep, class review, understanding concepts, and homework. See our video interview below with SHU peer tutors!

  • Peer tutors are available in the following subject areas: Biology, chemistry, computer science, math, physics, psychology, social work, and sociology.* To schedule an appointment, visit the CLA and Tutor Schedule page. 

Math Labs 

  • Students can sign up for 1-on-1 math labs with Professional tutor Phani Papachristos or with a math Peer tutor or math CLA. Math labs, whether individual or group sessions, are designed around each student’s needs. Math labs are great for reviewing class material, getting homework done, and reviewing for quizzes and exams. JLC math tutors understand that math can be particularly stressful for many students and strive to make each session as comfortable and appropriately paced as possible. See our video interview below with two math peer tutors and above with a statistics CLA! 
  • To schedule an appointment, visit the CLA and Tutor Schedule page or, for a 1-on-1 session with Professional tutor Phani Papachristos, call the JLC at 203-371-7820.


Critical Reading & Writing Labs 

  • Critical reading and writing labs help students cultivate their own interpretative reading and writing practices, and build critical thinking skills. In order to encourage students to grow as independent learners, JLC tutors help students develop essential interpretive reading skills, including pre-reading, re-reading, annotating, and note-taking, and writing skills, including free writing, topic development, research & documentation, outlining, writing rough drafts, and revising. See our video interview with a student who uses JLC reading & writing labs!

  • To schedule an appointment with a professional tutor, call the JLC 203-371-7820


  • JLC offers monthly workshops in specific skill areas, including note-taking, time management, test taking, grammar & punctuation, and math problem-solving. Workshops are great ways to overcome procrastination, re-energize your study habits, and strategize to perform your best!

  • To register, call 371-7820 or visit the JLC

Accounting Labs

  • Accounting labs help students of all levels and across a range of majors—whether business, finance, economics, or accounting—to learn, master, and excel at accounting principles and concepts. JLC’s Professional tutor Alan DelFavero offers individual and group labs that focus on each student’s goals, including reviewing class material, working on projects and assignments, and preparing for exams. See our video interview below with JLC tutor and adjunct faculty, Alan DelFavero.

  • To schedule an appointment with Alan DelFavero, visit the CLA and Tutor Schedule or call the JLC at 203-371-7820.



Online Writing Lab (OWL) 

  • The Online Writing Lab (OWL) allows students to have their papers reviewed online as an alternative to a one-on-one tutorial. A Professional tutor will review and return the students’ paper with valuable feedback and suggestions on argumentation, content development, organization & structure, grammar and punctuation, and format. Online feedback will not focus on editing the work for the student, but on providing detailed comments that will guide the student in revising/improving the paper. So, students should build in time for revision after receiving their reviewed submissions.  Feedback will be provided within 24-48 hours.

  • Visit the Online Writing Lab (OWL) page for more details.