Write like a Pro!

Writing Tips from the Jandrisevits Learning Center

Read with a purpose

  • Use the SQ3R strategy: Survey, Question, Read, Review, Reflect
  • Highlight and take notes

Narrow your topic

  • Find a specific aspect of the topic

Be an efficient researcher

  • Use reliable sources—consult a research librarian for help
  • Take good notes (author, title, page numbers, publication info, URL, date of access, quotes)

Draft and redraft!

  • Free write, then redraft by focusing on the strongest ideas
  • Write a working thesis—it doesn't have to be perfect!

Revise and organize:

  • Write an outline
  • Use topic sentences for each body paragraph
  • Introduce and explain your evidence

Refine your thesis

  • A good thesis is evidence-based

Write a purposeful intro and a knock 'em dead conclusion

  • The intro explains what the essay shows
  • The conclusion explains sums up the analysis


  • Read your work aloud! It's the most effective way to proofread.

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