Ace Every Test!

Test-taking Strategies from the Jandrisevits Learning Center


  • Review! Use index cards to memorize key concepts and facts. Re-read notes, assignments, handouts, and quizzes. Use mnemonics.
  • Write your own test questions
  • Know how you'll be tested. For an open book test, prepare readings with sticky notes. For an open note test, write a one-page summary of the important facts and information for the test.
  • Study in 30-45 minute chunks with breaks in between
  • Join a study group
  • Stay off drugs, alcohol, and sleep meds

Be at your best!

  • Get a good night's sleep and eat breakfast
  • Have a healthy snack a half-hour before the test
  • Get some exercise the day before or the morning of the test
  • Have everything you need for the test when you get to class
  • Relax! Take slow, deep breaths.

Test Day

  • Arrive early
  • Read the directions and follow them
  • As soon as you get the test, write important information at the top (names, dates, facts)
  • Ration your time—plan how much time to devote to each section or question
  • Skip hard questions and return to them later
  • Check your answers
  • For multiple choice tests, think of the answer before looking at the choices
  • For essay tests, jot down main points you want to cover. Write complete sentences. Proofread!
  • For True & False questions, look for key words (all, always, never, every, and none – usually false)
  • For math tests, show your work. If you get stuck, draw a picture or diagram. Check your work.

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