Smart Note-Taking Pays Off at Exam Time!

Note-Taking Tips from the Jandrisevits Learning Center

Stay organized!

  • Start and date a new page for each class
  • Write on one side of the paper and double space
  • Number the pages
  • Write key words in the margins
  • Use symbols: ★ ≤  b/c v. esp  ® ¯ \ ~ w/o w/in w/
  • Use phrases, not complete sentences
  • Use bullet points or outline form

Stay focused!

  • Pay attention to verbal cues such as "main point"; "The second reason that..."; "In other words,..."; "To sum up,..."
  • Listen for repetition or emphasis
  • Write down what's on the board or screen
  • Don't transcribe every word: think before you write
  • Be an active listener: don't tune out and don't get distracted

Use your notes to study!

  • Keep notes in order and in one place
  • Review regularly
  • Turn notes into test questions

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