Make Every Class a Success!

Tips from the Jandrisevits Learning Center

Be present!

  • Sit front and center: it's the surefire cure for daydreaming
  • Participate! Ask questions and volunteer answers.
  • Don't surf the web or use social media
  • Silence your cell phone
  • Come to class prepared and be an active listener

Take great notes!

  • Date a new page for each class
  • Highlight key words or write them in the margins
  • Use symbols to save time: ★ ≤  b/c v. esp  ® ¯ \ ~ w/o w/in

Stay organized!

  • Use an academic planner. Keep up with the reading and assignments.
  • Know how grades are determined and allocate your time accordingly
  • Back up your work!
  • Turn notes into test questions and review often

Stay involved!

  • Talk to the instructor if you need help
  • Form a study group with peers
  • Start early on large projects and get to know the SHU library

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