Take Charge of Your Mind!

Tips on Critical Thinking from the Jandrisevits Learning Center

Analyze what you read

  • Use the SQ3R strategy: Survey, Question, Read, Review, Reflect
  • Consider the author's purpose point of view, and underlying assumptions
  • Evaluate the author's logic, evidence, and conclusions
  • Make connections: apply your new knowledge to other situations

Reinforce Your knowledge

  • Test yourself on key words and concepts
  • Evaluate the author's conclusions using relevant criteria and standards

Build Your meta-cognition skills

  • Consider the learning objectives of every reading and writing assignment: what's the takeaway for you as a student?
  • How does each assignment teach you to think differently?
  • How does each assignment help you learn better?

Cultivate a critical mindset

  • Pursue every opportunity to learn—new knowledge teaches you to think more effectively
  • Treat mistakes and challenges as opportunities, not setbacks
  • Be positive! Believe in yourself!

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