Recommended Address Formats

The Mail Center has two key identifiers to sort faculty and staff mail. The first and primary sort is by department name. If the mail piece does not contain a department name, then we sort by the name that appears on the delivery address. Many times, we receive mail that is simply addressed to Sacred Heart University. We may attempt to deliver this mail by using an “educated guess.” Obviously, this is the least efficient method for sorting mail.

Please be sure to inform those who may be sending you mail the proper format for shipping material to the University.

The following are examples of the proper format:

Faculty & Staff Format:

Name:   John Doe, Ph.D.
Department:   Department of Chemistry
Institution:   Sacred Heart University
Address:   5151 Park Avenue
City/State/Zip:   Fairfield, CT 06825-1000

Please note: The USPS high-speed scanners read information from the bottom line and then move upward. Accordingly, the most important address line is the City/State/Zip line. In our format, the address line and institution line are the lines read next by the USPS equipment. The USPS is not as concerned with the Department or name line. These lines are read last by the Postal Service, but read first by the Mail Center. If the proper format is not followed, mail and packages may be delayed.

Student Format:

Name:   John Doe
Box Number:   MC0101 - MC2380
Institution:   Sacred Heart University
Address:   5151 Park Avenue Dept 1085
City/State/Zip:   Fairfield, CT 06825-1085

NOTICE:  In the Box Number line, the MC stands for Mail Center.  The mailboxes are currently labelled from 0101 through 2380.  Students are located in Department 1085 and as you can see, Dept 1085 matches the final four digits in the zip-code 06825-1085.  This enables the USPS to sort the student mail quickly and efficiently.  If you do not use this format, your mail will be subject to delays.