Postage with Outside Printers

Sacred Heart University participates in the US Postal Service's CAPS system (Centralized Account Processing System).  CAPS has made it easier for everyone to have mail dropped off at Post Office's without the need to worry about postage funds.  In short, the postal funds are always available so it's one less item for you to worry about when planning a mailing.

Although it's easier for printers to drop mail and send it on its way, in many cases the printers are not filling out the postage statement with account numbers, university contact names, or even their own contact information.  As a result, we have no way of knowing who to charge back for the mailing.  Currently, we attempt to call the printer to determine who hired them.  Sometimes, we're lucky and get a name, other times, we spend hours calling around campus trying to determine who should be charged for the postage.

Effective January 1, 2009, all printers will need to email their postal paperwork as a pdf file to the Mail & Duplicating Center at  The printer will need to include the name of the university contact who hired them so that we know whose account to charge back for postage.  Once we receive this email, one of our a staff members will process the paperwork and submit it electronically to the Post Office.  Our staff will then email the printer back a "Mailing Group ID Number."  It is vital that your printers receive this Mailing Group ID Number from us and then attach it with their hard copy postal paperwork.  The area Post Offices have been instructed to not process any Sacred Heart mail that does not have the Mailing Group ID Number.

There is a two-fold benefit to this system we'll be implementing.

First, we will have control of the paperwork and will know who to charge back immediately.  Second, the Post Office will be given a "heads-up" that they should be expecting mail from us.

I caution all, that if a printer tries to bypass this system, they will not be allowed to drop the mail (resulting in delays to your mailing).  The computer screen at the Post Office loading docks will flash that any Sacred Heart University mail MUST be accompanied by an electronic postal statement generated by the Sacred Heart University Mail & Duplicating Center.

Please convey this new policy to your print vendors.

Again, postal paperwork can be emailed to