How to Send Us a Mailing List

The Letter Shop most frequently works with mail lists. In an effort to process these Letter Shop jobs quickly and accurately, please follow the following procedures.

How to Send us a Mailing List

The Letter Shop will not start any request until all of the material is in our possession. If you need assistance creating a database or a list, contact Administrative IT. The Admin IT department can forward your list to the Letter Shop for processing. However, it is your responsibility to deliver the letterhead, envelopes and any inserts to the Letter Shop. If a department is maintaining its own list, the list must be in any of the following formats:

  • Excel
  • Access
  • DBF
  • TXT

When creating your list, a common mistake is to save the zip code field as a number. This causes the leading zero to be dropped. For example, 06825 would default to 6825. To alleviate this problem, save the zip code field as text. Once your list is completed, save it to a thumb drive and send it to the Letter Shop care of Teri McNamara. Please be sure you keep a back-up copy of your list either on your computer or on another disk. You may also send the list to the Letter Shop via email attachment. Send the file to as well as Be sure to include a copy of the letter in Microsoft Word format.

Your letter can have a generic greeting such as “Dear Student,” “Dear Friend,” “Dear Colleague,” etc. We can also personalize the letter by merging the various fields with your list, for example, “Dear John,” “Dear Susan,” “Dear Dr. Smith,” etc. Additionally, we will need the signature of the sender in digitized format. Call 203-365-7558 to see if we have your signature on file. If we do not have your digitized signature, sign your name on a plain white piece of paper with black ink and forward it to the Letter Shop along with your thumb drive.