The following is a guideline for how we process requests. All requests for duplicating should include a completed Duplicating Request Form. All requests must have a valid account number and the name of the department to be charged. Do not send duplicating requests through inter-office mail. Neither the Mail Center nor the Duplicating Center will deliver completed duplicating jobs. It is up to the requestor to pick up any completed jobs prior to the close of business. Although the Duplicating Center closes at 4:00PM, duplicating jobs can be picked up at the Mail Services window until 6:00PM.

Please keep a collated copy of your original document. Due to our high-speed copying equipment, materials can be damaged and/or collated incorrectly. Once a request has been completed, the requestor will be charged. The Duplicating Center assumes that all material brought to us for duplicating has been proof-read. All requests are processed in the order that they arrived in the Duplicating Center.

Exams are stored in a locked safe. Only full-time staff members of the Mail & Duplicating Centers may accept an exam for duplicating. Exams will be given to professors or department representatives only. Work study students will not be allowed to retrieve exams from the Duplicating Center (even with written approval from a professor.)

Please remember, if a book, magazine, or any article is copyright-protected, the Duplicating Center will duplicate it only with written permission from the publisher. Most books and publications clearly state that no part may be reproduced by any means, for public or private use without written permission from the publisher. To seek permission from the publisher, please include the following: the number of copies requested distribution (for example, “the material will be distributed in class.”) the exact usage (for example, “the chapter(s) will be used as supplementary teaching materials.”)

Date Material Permissions Department Academic Book Company 200 Park Avenue New York, New York 10016 Dear Sir/Madam: I would like permission to copy the following for use in my class (name of class) (next semester) or (next semester and subsequent semesters during which the course is offered.) Title: History of the Mail Center at Sacred Heart University, Second Edition Copyright: Academic Books Co., 1965, 1971. Author: John Smith Material to be duplicated: Chapter 9 (photocopy enclosed). Number of Copies: 50 Distribution: The material will be distributed to students in my class and they will pay only the cost of the photocopying. Type of reprint: Photocopy Use: The chapter will be used as supplementary teaching materials. I have enclosed a self-addressed envelope for your convenience in replying to this request. Sincerely, Faculty Member Please note: Duplicating jobs may be picked-up in the Duplicating Center as early as 8:30 a.m. We ask, however, that you enter and exit through the exterior glass doors. The interior doors at the bottom of the stairwell are locked until 10:30 a.m. while mail is being distributed to the student mailboxes. We thank you for your cooperation.