Copier Locations

Satellite Copiers

The SHUPAD is responsible for the satellite copiers located strategically throughout the campus. The copiers are actually called MFD's (Multi-Functional Devices). These MFD's generally have the ability to print, copy, fax, and scan. Surveys are provided when it is time to acquire new machines so that every attempt is made to acquire MFD's with the features most used by a department. For example, if a department will not be faxing from the MFD, it makes no sense to order the machine with the fax component.

Equitrac Card Readers

All Satellite MFD's have Equitrac card readers attached to the unit. These card readers keep track of all activity on the device. Faculty and staff should use their Sacred Heart University ID card to make copies and to release prints from the devices. This includes part-time staff or adjunct faculty. If you will be using the satellite machines and you work at Sacred Heart University, you need a Sacred Heart University ID card.

Department cards have been issued to administrative assistants for copying purposes. These departmental cards should be used sparingly (primarily by work-study students or graduate assistants). Department cards can not be used for printing from the MFD's. Whoever is logged onto the computer that sends the print job must use their SHU ID to retrieve the job.

A final word about Equitrac...if you lose your ID or department card, you should report it to the Mail & Duplicating Center so we can cancel your old card. If you need a new ID card, you must go to the Student Union. If you lose a department card, report it to us and we will acquire a new card for you through the Student Union. Under extremely rare occasions, we can issue a second department card, but it is a huge process that involves the Mail & Duplicating Center, Student Union, Administrative IT, and the Networking Departments.

Paper, Supplies, and Service

Paper for the MFD's can be ordered by calling the SHU Helpline at (866-365-7575). When this process is followed we are able to track the requests. When email messages or telephone calls are received in the Mail & Duplicating Center the response could be delayed. Under no circumstances should calls be placed to the MFD vendor for supplies or service. We are engaged in a supply and service contract. Additional supply orders or service requests have resulted in unexpected invoices. Call the Helpline and we'll take it from there.

A final word about service issues. Our staff are trained and can handle the most common service issues. When we are notified of a service request, a staff member from the SHUPAD will arrive on scene. The staff member will make the determination on whether or not the MFD vendor needs to be called. We ask you to be patient with us. There are many pieces to the puzzle of resolving service issues. We need to determine whether there is an equipment malfunction. If the issue involves the card reader, we need to contact Equitrac. For printing issues, we may need to contact the IT departments since all the MFD's are hosted on their servers.

Naming Convention

The satellite copiers utilize a 3-letter identifier to identify the building. The 3-letter identifier is followed by a dash and then 3 alphanumeric characters that identify the physical location of each unit. For example, the English Department is located in the Academic Building. Using our naming convention, the copier is identified as follows: ACA-ENG.

Building 3-Letter Identifier
Academic Building ACA
Center for Healthcare Education CHE
Chapel CHA
Curtis Hall CUR
Department Public Safety DPS
Griswold Location GRI
Library LIB
Martire MAR
McMahon Commons MCM
Melady Hall MEL
Pitt Center PIT
Roncalli Hall RON
Student Success Center SUC 
St. Vincent's College SVC
Tandet Center TAN
Wellness Center WEL
West Campus WES

Satellite Copiers are located in the following locations:

Name Building Department Model Ricoh Ser Num
ACA-ASD Academic Asst Dean A&S MP 3352 C81016537
ACA-BIO Academic Biology MP 2553 C81057981
ACA-CHE Academic Chemistry MP 3352 C81016522
ACA-CJ Academic Criminal Justice MP 3352 C81016538
ACA-CS Academic Computer Science MP C3003 C81037703
ACA-DAS Academic Dean Arts & Science MP C400SR C81037662
ACA-ENG Academic English MP 4002 C81037680
ACA-HWL Academic Hawley Lounge C3003 C81037752
ACA-MAT Academic Mathematics MP 3352 C81016539
ACA-MIN Academic Campus Ministry MP C3003 C81037704
ACA-OPS Academic Campus Operations MP C401SR C81057410
ACA-PAS Academic Performing Arts Studio MP 3354SP C81057418
ACA-PHI Academic Philosophy MP 4002 C81037657
ACA-PS Academic Public Safety MP 3352 C81016540
ACA-PSY Academic Psychology MP 4002 C81037641
ACA-REG Academic Registrar MP 2553 C81039409
ACA-SA Academic Student Accounts SP 5210SR C81057982
ACA-TEL Academic Telecom SP 5210SR C81039407
ACA-AS2 Academic Government & History MP 4002 C81037681
ACA-UPB Academic Upward Bound SP 5210SR C81058026
PAD-BW Academic SHUPAD Pro 8100S C81059014
PAD-CLR Academic SHUPAD Pro C901S C81058790
CHE-DHP Center for Healthcare Education Dean Health Professions MP 301 C81057420
CHE-HSC Center for Healthcare Education Health Science MP C4502 C81016512
CHE-PT Center for Healthcare Education Physical Therapy MP C5502 C81016544
CHE-STU Center for Healthcare Education Students 1st Floor MP 4002 C81037679
CHE-NUR Center for Healthcare Education Nursing MP C4504ex C91120775
CHA-MUS Chapel Music SP 5210SR C81058024
CUR-FA Curtis Hall Financial Assistance MP C400SR C81037655
CUR-GRA Curtis Hall Graduate Admissions MP C3003 C81016517
CUR-UGA Curtis Hall Undergraduate Admissions MP C3002 C81038227
CUR-UGA1 Curtis Hall Admissions Operations MP501SPF C81038227
GRI-GRI Griswold Griswold SP 5210SR C81058025
LIB-ESL Library ESL SP 5210SR C81016885
LIB-STU Library Students Main Level MP C4502 C81016574
MAR-COM Martire Communications SP 5210SR C81057984
MAR-STU Martire Student MP 301 C81057421
MAR-COB Martire College of Business MP C5502 C81016521
MAR-MGT Martire Management MP C3003 C81037753
MCM-ENP McMahon Commons Enrollment & Planning SP 5210SR C81057928
MEL-AVP Melady Hall Academic Vice President MP C401SR C81057411
MEL-HR Melady Hall Human Resources MP C401SR C81057412
MEL-SPA Melady Hall Strategic Planning MP 3352 C81017729
MEL-2nd Melady Hall 2nd Floor MP 2553 C81039408
PIT-LOB Pitt Center Athletic Teams MP 4002 C81016573
PIT-AD2 Pitt Center Athletic Director 2nd Floor MP 5002 C81057718
PIT-ATH Pitt Center Athletics MP 5002 C81057390
PIT-TRA Pitt Center Athletic Training SP 5210SR C81058023
PIT-MAR Pitt Center Athletics Marketing MP C3002 C81016572
RON-SW Roncalli Hall Social Work SP 5210SR C81057983
RON-RES Roncalli Hall Residential Life SP 5210SR C81057980
RON-ART Roncalli Hall Art Department MP 301 C81057408
SUC-ULC Student Success Learning Center Employees MP 3352 C81016536
TAN-PAF Tandet Center PA Faculty MPC 3504 C91080188
TAN-PAS Tandet Center PA Students MP 3554 C91080239
WEL-HEA Wellness Center Health and Wellness MP 3352 C81031631
WES-IT West Campus (W) Information Technology MP C401SR C81057409
WES-PS West Campus (W) Public Safety SP 5210SR C81038298
WES-ED1 West Campus (W) Education 3rd Floor MP 5002 C81057717
WES-ED2 West Campus (W) Education 3rd Floor MP 5002 C81059531
WES-FIN West Campus (W) Finance & Administration MP 3352 C81016542