Print and Delivery

Although Sacred Heart University Print And Delivery (SHUPAD) is one department, it is composed of three areas that have distinct but overlapping responsibilities:

Mail Services is the centralized receiving and dispatching location on campus for all U.S. and campus mail. The department receives, sorts and delivers 1st, 3rd and 4th class mail, parcels and inter-office mail on a daily basis. Services or materials offered by Mail Services include but are not limited to: consulting departments in designing mail pieces to reduce postage costs and processing time and speed of delivery; twice a day pick-up and delivery of mail for the University departments and resident students; processing all incoming and outgoing mail for the University; coordinating bulk mailing (third class) with departments to meet their mailing needs; maintaining a student parcel log; metering outgoing mail; and delivering parcels and supplies throughout the campus.

The Duplicating Center is responsible for addressing the University’s duplicating needs. The department accepts duplicating requests from departments and students and produces timely and professional output. They make transparencies, bind materials, print informational booklets, pamphlets, brochures, and self-mailers. Satellite copiers fall under the responsibility of the Duplicating Center as does the printing of wide-format signs and banners.

The Letter-Shop produces the University’s mass mailings. The Letter-Shop accepts and manipulates lists in order to achieve maximum postal discounts. Letters and envelopes are printed, folded, inserted, and prepared for delivery.

At SHUPAD, our mission is not just receiving and delivering your mail and packages, fulfilling your document needs, or producing your direct mail pieces. Our mission is all those things, but so much more. Our mission is to also recruit, educate, and retain students. The materials we produce and the services we provide are directly involved with bringing students to SHU, educating them while they are here, and helping the university retain them through degree completion and beyond.  Our mission is to make our faculty and co-workers jobs easier by letting them focus on their respective missions.

Do you need something notarized? We do that as well. Notary services are free to the university community.

Do you have a great idea for future services that you would like to see us offer?  Give us a call at X8204.