Printer Locations

Printer NamePrinter Location
ACA-ASD Arts and Sciences Department (Fairfield Campus, Academic Center)
ACA-BIO Biology Department (Fairfield Campus, Academic Center, SC Wing)
ACA-CHE Chemistry Department (Fairfield Campus, Academic Center, SC 105)
ACA-CJ Criminal Justice Department (Fairfield Campus, Academic Center, HC 219)
ACA-CS School of Computer Science & Engineering (Fairfield Campus, Academic Center, HC 109)
ACA-DAS Dean of Arts and Sciences Office (Fairfield Campus, Academic Center, SC Wing)
ACA-ENG English Department (Fairfield Campus, Academic Center, HC 221)
ACA-HWL Hawley Lounge (Fairfield Campus, Academic Center)
ACA-MAT Mathematics Department (Fairfield Campus, Academic Center, SC 220)
ACA-MIN Campus Ministry Office (Fairfield Campus, Academic Center, SC 125)
ACA-OPS Campus Operations (Fairfield Campus, Academic Center)
ACA-PAS Performing Arts Suite (Fairfield Campus, Academic Center)
ACA-PHI Philosophy Department (Fairfield Campus, Academic Center, HC 119)
ACA-PS Public Safety Office (Fairfield Campus, Academic Center)
ACA-PSY Psychology Department (Fairfield Campus, Academic Center, HC 219)
ACA-REG Registrar's Office (Fairfield Campus, Academic Center, SC 126)
ACA-SA Student Accounts Office (Fairfield Campus, Academic Center, SC 100)
ACA-TCM Telecom Suite (Fairfield Campus, Academic Center)
ACA-UPB Upward Bound (Fairfield Campus, Academic Center, SC Basement)
ADM-AVP Administrative Offices (Fairfield Campus, Melady Hall)
ADM-HR Human Resources (Fairfield Campus, Melady Hall)
ADM-PRO Provost's Office (Fairfield Campus, Melady Hall)
CHE-DHP Dean of College of Health Professions (Center for Healthcare Education)
CHE-HSC Center for Healthcare Education
CHE-NUR College of Nursing (Center for Healthcare Education)
CHE-PT Physical Therapy Department (Center for Healthcare Education)
CHE-STU CHCE Student Copier (Center for Healthcare Education)
CUR-FA Financial Assistance (Fairfield Campus, Curtis Hall)
CUR-UGA Undergraduate Admissions (Fairfield Campus, Curtis Hall)
HC113-1 Student Print Lab (Fairfield Campus, Academic Center, HC 113)
HC113-2 Student Print Lab (Fairfield Campus, Academic Center, HC 113)
HC113-3 Student Print Lab (Fairfield Campus, Academic Center, HC 113)
HC113-Color Student Print Lab, Color Printer (Fairfield Campus, Academic Center, HC 113)
LIB-ESL ESL Department (Fairfield Campus, Ryan Matura Library)
LIB-LCS Library Basement Student Copier (Fairfield Campus, Ryan Matura Library)
LIB-STU Library Main Level Student Copier (Fairfield Campus, Ryan Matura Library)
MAR-STU Martire Student Copier (Fairfield Campus, Martire Center)
MCM-ENP Enrollment and Planning Office (Fairfield Campus, McMahon Commons)
MEL-SPA Strategic Planning and Administration (Fairfield Campus, Melady Hall)
MER-RES Residential Life Office (Fairfield Campus, Roncalli Hall, 1st Floor)
PAH-WEL Wellness Center Office (Fairfield Campus, Hamilton Wellness Center)
PIT-AD2 Director of Athletics Office (Fairfield Campus, Pitt Center)
PIT-ATH Athletics Offices (Fairfield Campus, Pitt Center)
PIT-LOB Pitt Center Lobby (Fairfield Campus, Pitt Center)
PIT-MAR Athletic Marketing Office (Fairfield Campus, Pitt Center)
RON-ART Art and Design Department (Fairfield Campus, Roncalli Hall, 2nd Floor)
SSC-LCE Learning Center Employees (Fairfield Campus, Student Success Center)
TAN-PAF Tandet Faculty Copier (Tandet Center)
TAN-PAS Tandet Student Copier (Tandet Center)
WES-ED1 Isabelle Farrington College of Education (West Campus, West Building, 3rd Floor)
WES-ED2 Isabelle Farrington College of Education (West Campus, West Building, 3rd Floor)
WES-FIN Office of Finance and Administration (West Campus)
WES-GRA Graduate Admissions (West Campus)
WES-IT Information Technology Department (West Campus, West Building, 3rd Floor)