New Student Checklist

Technology is always evolving. Sometimes it is a challenge to stay up to date with the solutions available to you. The checklist below will assist you in your efforts to remain informed of the solutions offered by Sacred Heart University, and their ability to enhance your experience at the university. 

Getting Started

1. Before You Arrive: Activate Your Account

To log into any Sacred Heart systems, and even connect to the WiFi, you will need a Sacred Heart Account. To create this account, go to and select the First time user? link. Enter the required information to the text boxes provided to complete your account. If you experience issues creating your account, contact the factory at 203-365-7575. 

2. Log into the MySHU Portal

Now that you have created your account, let's test it! Navigate back to and enter the credentials you created. The MySHU portal is your single sign on service for all major University applications, and provides you with direct links to important campus information. If you experience issues logging into your account, contact the factory at 203-365-7575.

3. Once Your Arrive: Connect to Campus WiFi

Access to the campus WiFi environment is available by connecting to the “Sacred Heart” WiFi network. This is a secure and encrypted WiFi network that utilizes your unique username and password, the same credentials you use to log into the MySHU Portal. 

For detailed instructions about connecting to various devices, review the SHU Wireless Networks website. 


4. Visit the Software Site

Stay up to date with all of the latest software available to you via Once you log in using your Sacred Heart credentials, take a few moments to review the software available, and install any that may assist in your academic journey. 

5. Install AntiVirus Software

Once you have logged into the software site,, select the "Symantec Endpoint Protection" link for your device, and follow the install process. If you have questions or need assistance downloading the software, contact the factory at 203-365-7575. 

6. Log into your OneDrive Account

Free storage space for all of your notes and papers! Sign in to using your Sacred Heart email ( and password. Once you are logged in, select OneDrive. The documents stored here can be accessed anywhere with a web browser and Internet connection. 

Academic Software

7. WebAdvisor

WebAdvisor can be accessed by logging into the MySHU Portal, and selecting the WebAdvisor link in the Quick Links module, or by going directly to Log into the become familiar with the website, and access important information such as your class schedule and location of classes. 

8. Blackboard

Blackboard can be accessed by logging into the MySHU Portal, and selecting the Blackboard link in the Quick Links module, or by going directly to Every course has a Blackboard shell associated it. Your professor may post content such as lecture notes and the syllabus to this course shell. If you need assistance navigating Blackboard, contact or call 203-365-4799. 

9. WebEx

During your academic career, you will be asked to collaborate with other members of the community for group work and projects. Take advantage of our remote meeting solution, WebEx. Users will have the ability to video conference with others while sharing documents. For more information about WebEx, contact ! or call 203-365-4799. 

10. Microsoft Office 365
Stay organized. Head to to log into your Microsoft Office 365 account using your Sacred Heart University email and password. Use OneNote to keep track of lecture notes, save papers and assignments to your OneDrive account, and use Sway to create interactive presentations for course assignments. For more information about Microsoft Office 365, contact ! or call 203-365-4799. 

Go Mobile!

11. SHU Safe

Take a few minutes to download the SHU Safe application. This application is a portable blue light on campus. If you are ever feeling uneasy, pull out your device, and use the application to connect directly to Public Safety or the appropriate dispatcher if your location is off campus. To download the application, look for SHU Safe in your device's application store.

More information about SHU Safe

12. SHU Card

Take a few minutes to download the SHU Card application. This application allows you to deposit money to your account view your mobile device. To download the application, look for Blackboard Transact Mobile eAccounts in your device's application store. 

13. Blackboard

Take a few minutes to download the Blackboard application. This application allows you to review content, receive announcements, and check grades, all from your mobile device. To download the application, look for BB Student in your device's application store.