Safeware Insurance Card Program

Safeware Insurance Card Program

  • Program Requirements


    Safeware Protection Plans cover ALL types of electronics and ANY brands!

    Insurance Cards must be purchased in person at the Factory!

    At time of purchase:

  • Warranty and Accidental Damage Coverage


    • Extends the manufacturer warranty and provides accidental damage protection
    • 100% parts and labor or replacement when applicable
    • Limit of liability--total amount of coverage is the cost of unit at time of purchase
    • No deductibles
    • Fully transferable
    • No lemon guarantee--provides a replacement device in the event three failures occur for the same issue
  • Covered Repairs/Replacments

    • Accidental damages:
      • Drops
      • Liquid spills
      • Cracked Screens
      • Submersion 
    • AC adapters
    • Mechanical failures
    • Electrical failures
    • Power surges
  • For More Information


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