Summary Guide

Which laptop is right for you?

Review the laptop options and decide which laptop is appropriate for you.  

  • You are required to use a Mac if you are majoring in Art & Design, Media Studies or Communication Technology.
  • You are required to use a Windows-based PC if you are majoring in Accounting, Finance or Economics.
  • All other majors may choose from any of the recommended models. 

Access the Laptop Acquisition website

Go to Vendor Website

Purchases are made directly from our vendors and laptop will be shipped directly to your home.


Required for Factory technical support:  

  • Any ThinkPad series laptop
  • 4 Year Warranty and 4 Year ThinkPad Protection



       Required for Factory technical support:  

  • Any MacBook Pro or entry level MacBook series laptop
  • Safeware Insurance Card Program purchased through Mobile Computing and required for hardware support at the Factory.  For more information go to  



Purchased from the Factory or on-line through the Safeware page on the Laptop Acquisition site.              

  • Required for technical support on any model laptop under 1 year without Accidental Damage
  • Extends basic manufacturer’s warranty for term of card purchased

SHU Account

Establish a Sacred Heart Network Account at

You must set up your account to download software.


Software: All laptops come pre-installed with the vendor’s software. However, Sacred Heart has made certain academic software available to download. After you receive your laptop, go to