Mobile Computing Program

Program Coordinator

Aaron Briggs
Mobile Services Coordinator
Academic Building, The Factory
Tel: 203-365-4738
Fax: 203-396-8011

Office Hours

8:30am to 4:30pm M-F
Academic Building, The Factory

Program Coordinator

Leslie Roggen
Mobile Computing Services Manager
Academic Building, The Factory
Tel: 203-371-7796
Fax: 203-396-8011

Sacred Heart University's vision for the future of education is one in which technology plays an important part. Our goal is to expose our students to as much technology as practically possible, and to help create an environment where the use of technology becomes both familiar and second nature. Our Mobile Computing Program and our wireless network initiative are examples of our dedication to that goal.
The University is part of a select group of academic institutions that embraces the mobile computing philosophy. It is recommended that every full-time undergraduate student purchase a suggested model laptop through one of the preferred vendor websites or a Safeware Insurance Card for full technical support. Sacred Heart University strives to remain current with technology.
The University employs an in-house technical support team to address issues related to all the laptops we support. The Factory which houses our Help Desk, as well as our IT Call Center, has certified technicians who provide over the counter technical support and repair services for the Apple, Dell, and Lenovo laptop models featured on the Laptop Acquisition Site as well as laptops that are covered by one of the Safeware Insurance Cards. More information on the Safeware Insurance Card Program... The IT Call Center also provides over the phone and onsite support for all IT related services. In support of anytime, anywhere learning, the Factory stocks loaner laptops that students can opt to borrow when their laptops need extensive and time consuming repairs. 

Our Computer Literacy Program offers unlimited training in computer fundamentals and commonly used software applications. There are sessions for every level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced). Students, faculty, and staff can sign up for available sessions or schedule one-on-one training on demand.

Computer labs with printing are available 24 hours a day. For information on SHU wireless networks please click here.