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Echo360 Active Learning Platform @ SHU

Successful learning on the part of today’s tech-savvy student requires more than simply the one-way exchange of information that comprises the traditional lecture. Teaching and learning is fueled by the interaction between you and your students and our blended learning solution accelerates this interaction – before, during and after class.

Lecture Capture is a classroom technology that flips the classroom by recording your lecture and posting it online right to your course in Blackboard.

To begin using any of the services below please complete the Lecture Capture Request Form.

Lecture Capture (Scheduled Recordings)

Pre-Scheduled lecture captures allow the faculty to do what they do best. Walk in and teach. We schedule the date and time and the capture automatically gets uploaded to the instructors Echo360 Active Learning library!

Personal Capture

Personal Capture allows you to take Echo360 capture technology with you anywhere anytime. Capture yourself outside of the classroom to keep your course on track under any conditions.

Complete and submit the Online Lecture Capture Registration form.  

To begin using lecture capture login to to access your account.

Personal Capture software is available as a free download via Personal capture is only available to instructors and may be accessed using your Sacred Heart username and password.

To request a classroom capture, submit a Lecture Capture Request Form.

For more information, contact

Yes, training tutorials can be found here:

Additional online support may be found via the Resource Center. For technical support please contact the Factory.

For additional assistance please contact

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Echo360 Active Learning training workshops are offered throughout the semester. Individual 1:1 training is also available to new users or those that may require additional assistance.

Training sessions are coordinated through the IT training department. For more information please contact Training Support.

Students may access recordings to their course by logging into the course in Blackboard and selecting the “Lecture Capture” tool link.

Some instructors may create a custom title for this tool. Please ask your instructor.

Instructors must setup this tool link and make it visible to students. Contact for additional assistance.

For more information please contact