Policies & Guidelines

The Media Services area supports the multimedia endeavors of the University. We work diligently to provide full featured systems and services to accomplish this goal. We look forward to providing high quality and excellent customer service to all constituents of the campus community. 

In our effort to provide the best possible service and support there are a few policies and guidelines that we would like to point out:

  • Any event coverage requests must be made formally no less than two week in advance utilizing the Event Taping Request form. 
  • Last minute requests CANNOT and WILL NOT be honored.
  • In dealing with many types of multimedia we frequently run into copyright questions and concerns. We reserve the right to air on the side of caution and may decline your request due to possible violation of copyright laws. Visit our Copyright page to read about copyright laws. 
  •  Some services will require the requester to leave the material with the Media Services department for extended periods of time for work to be done. Please plan accordingly when it comes to these types of requests. If the material needs to be returned to the requester for a short period of time, it can be taken by the requester but will need to be returned for the service required.
  • ALL consumable costs are the responsibility of the requester.