The Audio Visual / Media Services Department offers literature on these topics in order to further educate the Sacred Heart community. If you have specific questions concerning copyrights, contact the Ryan Matura Library staff at 203-371-7700.

Streaming media is digital video/audio delivered in a compressed form over a network that users can begin playing instantly, instead of waiting for the full file download.

“Streaming” refers to the constant flow of information from the hosting server to your client computer.

Audio/Video files are larger than most other file types. If you were to download an audio or video file it could take several minutes or much more depending on your internet connection. Streaming allows users to access a file in only a few seconds thus eliminating tedious wait times.

In order to view any streams hosted by Sacred Heart University, you must have an internet connection. In addition, windows media player must be installed on your local machine. Presently, Sacred Heart University supports windows media file formats and Quicktime formats. We also suggest viewing streams using Microsoft Internet Explorer for an optimal experience.

If you would like to utilize the Streaming Media service offered by the Media Services Department, first organize the media you would like streamed. Once you have gathered your media, you can convert it using windows media encoder and contact the Media Services office (HC115B) for conversion, uploading, and stream development. Be sure that all copyrights are honored appropriately! Sacred Heart University will not host copyrighted material without being granted the proper permissions associated with that media.