Microsoft Office 365

What is Microsoft Office 365? 

Microsoft Office 365 is the home of various applications that can make day to day business practices much easier. The cloud storage OneDrive offers allows users to access their documents from anywhere with an Internet connection, allowing users the flexibility of working from multiple locations. 

Go to and log in using your Sacred Heart University email and password to access all of the applications Microsoft 365 offers!

It doesn't stop there! Check out the other tools Microsoft office 365 has to offer!

Note: At this time, the tools supported by the Instructional Technology department are listed below. Other tools in the suite of applications can be found in the picture to the right. Do not hesitate to check them out, users can still adopt them into their day to day operation. 

  • SharePoint: Share and manage content, knowledge and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information and seamlessly collaborate across the organization.
  • Teams: Similar to SharePoint, Microsoft Teams allows the user to share and manage content. In addition, Teams allows the user to add different applications to customize the team site, and create a chat-based workspace.
  • Forms: Create surveys, quizzes, and polls in minutes. Forms allows you to share with anyone, and see the results in real time as participants complete them. Export your results to Excel for additional data collection.
  • Sway: Create and share engaging interactive reports, presentations, personal stories and more. Similar to PowerPoint, but sway does the animation and design work for you.
  • PowerPoint: Design like a professional, and share your presentation with colleagues to collaborate on presentations.
  • Word: Complete course work, and other documents using the popular Microsoft Word application. Share your document with colleagues for collaborative group work from any location.
  • Excel: Do more with the tool you already know. Discover and connect to data and analyze it from any location with an Internet connection!
  • OneNote: A digital class binder. Create a notebook that can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. Use the section feature to divide the notebook for each course, and use the pages to build each section of the notebook. Have a classmate or colleague you like to share notes with? OneNote lets you share your notebook with anyone in the University, and restrict the permissions to be view, or edit and view, allowing for collaboration.

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